Author Topic: IFX is examining and cleaning your INI files...  (Read 134 times)

Greg Pringle

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IFX is examining and cleaning your INI files...
« on: October 16, 2017, 03:03:05 pm »
After ArcaOS was installed on a fresh drive and running I had an archive of the desktop which had no problems.
Then I used the hard disk heavily and tried to reboot. There was an error about not being able to find the desktop.
On reboot it asked for a good desktop so I chose the archive. All seemed well. The next day IFX ran and all seemed well.
Then the trouble began. On subsequent boots I frequently have IFX run and then hang. Only a hard boot can get the system back.
It has to run a CHKDSK on reboot and there are no reported errors. After that the system might or might not shutdown correctly.
The IFX might run OK but has the hang very often.

What is going on?


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Re: IFX is examining and cleaning your INI files...
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2017, 03:27:22 pm »
Hi Greg

Possibly corruption in the ini file(s).

Does the [BootDrive]:\sys\apps\ifx\ifx.log show anything of interest?

Try running

ifx /fvr

to see if ifx reports any errors.



Rich Walsh

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Re: IFX is examining and cleaning your INI files...
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2017, 06:30:52 pm »
Greg, sorry to hear about the problems you're having. In the directory Pete mentioned ([BootDrive]:\sys\apps\ifx) you'll also find logs for the last 3 runs - ifx1.log, ifx2.log, ifx3.log. Could you post them? Including your config.sys might also be helpful.

Also, you may want to temporarily add the '/V' and '/F' switches to IFX's commandline in config.sys (e.g. "CALL=C:\sys\apps\ifx\ifx.exe /vf"). '/F' forces it to do a full check and clean (vs. just a check). '/V' will cause the same messages that end up in the log to be displayed as well. If it hangs, it will help to identify where. (Note: don't use '/R' in config.sys since that's the read-only flag. It's required when running from a booted system, but would prevent IFX from fixing anything if used in config.sys.)

Normally, if IFX finds an unrecoverable error, it will display a message and let you choose from 1 of 3 previous backups. Has this ever appeared? The only time I've ever experienced a hang was when I failed to respond to this prompt within 30 seconds or so. Just in case: if the informational messages stop scrolling by but no error message appears, try pressing '0' (number zero). This is what you'd press if the error prompt appeared and you chose to continue using the current set of INIs.