Author Topic: DBEXPERT crash with thunderbird open and firefox  (Read 894 times)

André Heldoorn

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Re: DBEXPERT crash with thunderbird open and firefox
« Reply #15 on: November 15, 2017, 12:48:51 am »
Exactly, but where is the problem?

Yes, easier said than done, and I'm not using DBE. Nevertheless in design mode there is a difference, which suggests that other people cannot always fully reproduce all of your findings.

The problem is that the sysinit, when it is almost quiescent, works well and when it is stressed, it fails.
I have used the dbexpert for many years, and it is very reliable.

Well spotted, and I can imagine that any version of FF stresses the system too.

Just checking: if ye olde DBE is working for many years, then how old and clean is the installed (operating) system? Can you, being a  power user of DBE and a DBExpertExpert over here, perhaps reproduce the problem with a fresh, own second system?

It's probably 100% unrelated, but recently I've lost about 800 non-DBE, simple database records over here. A reinstall of the OS was required to be able to save all recreated records again. The unknown (hard-related?) real problem won't be solved by this specific "repair".