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Web applications / Re: Oddities with Youtube.
« on: November 16, 2017, 12:52:34 am »
There's enough written about this topic in Intel's official Developer's Manual (243190) in sections 9.3.1 and 9.3.5.

The "pentium4"-part of the file name suggests it's a programmer's policy instead of some technical accident. After already having to downgrade SM to the more productive 2.35, due to extreme performance bugs of the broken browser component of FF 45, I'll downgrade FF 45.9.0-2 to what may very well be my final version of their barely working FF45.5.0 beta for "OS/2".

At the moment a real FF for OS/2 should be a P6+ CPU product, because of the OS itself (80386, don't blame me) and the implied memory requirements of the specific product (80 MiB of installable RAM ain't enough). It's yet another way to reduce the size of the OS/2 community, by introducing even more non-OS/2 requirements. Indirectly it's a result of the limited number of OS languages. Hence a restriction to OS/2 or eCS 1.x and matching hardware. Including PIII hardware.

Web applications / Re: Oddities with Youtube.
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:17:45 pm »
No(t yet), but I'll see what I can do...

My area of expertise: nothing.

Ignoring the additional requirement of the archiver, the name of their file is ... firefox-debuginfo-45.9.0-2.oc00.pentium4.7z.

Web applications / Re: Oddities with Youtube.
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:43:42 pm »
There's the problem, it's using an XMM register, probably an SSE2 instruction which is illegal on a PIII.
Quickly grepping through media\ there's quite a few SSE instructions. The question is whether it is hard coded or a failure of the CPU detection.

Hopefully it's not yet another attempt to reduce the size of their "OS/2" community? IIRC the previous FF45 release did "work", not counting FF45's 100% CPU load bug with a single core CPU. The CPU in question is a Intel Mobile Pentium III-M 1.2 GHz, FWIW. I'm not using the latest SM anywhere, because of that 100% CPU load bug of the browser component. SM 2.35 works.
Do you have the dbg files installed? If so can you post the call stack?

No(t yet), but I'll see what I can do...

Web applications / Re: Oddities with Youtube.
« on: November 15, 2017, 02:24:51 pm »
Pentium 4, identical setup: no such problem. Today FF 45.9.0-2 produced the Pentium III TRP file, instead of PM DLL. LGPLLIBS.DLL was the DLL file I (/ PM DLL's TRP file) was refering too earlier, besides NSPR4.DLL.

Illegal instruction MOVQ (FF):


 Exception Report - created 2017/11/15 14:08:38

 OS2/eCS Version:  2.45
 # of Processors:  1
 Physical Memory:  1023 mb
 Virt Addr Limit:  2048 mb
 Exceptq Version:  7.11.4-shl (Mar  6 2017)


 Exception C000001C - Illegal Instruction

 Process:  C:\TCPIP\FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE (10/05/2017 02:41:08 61,253)
 PID:      58 (88)
 TID:      01 (1)
 Priority: 200

 Filename: C:\TCPIP\FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE (10/05/2017 02:41:08 61,253)
 Address:  005B:00011514 (0001:00001514)


 Failing Instruction

 00011502  CMP  BYTE [0x302c0], 0x0     (803d c0020300 00)
 00011509  JZ   0x1153b                 (74 30)
 0001150B  MOV  EAX, [0x30280]          (a1 80020300)
 00011510  MOVD XMM0, EAX               (660f6ec0)
 00011514 >MOVQ QWORD [ESP+0x18], XMM0  (660fd64424 18)
 0001151A  FILD QWORD [ESP+0x18]        (df6c24 18)
 0001151E  FST  QWORD [0x30270]         (dd15 70020300)
 00011524  FDIV DWORD [0x1163c]         (d835 3c160100)



 EAX : 0001234C   EBX  : 000301A4   ECX : 2003A0E0   EDX  : 2003A0EC
 ESI : 0013FFA4   EDI  : 0013FF64
 ESP : 0013FE80   EBP  : 0013FED8   EIP : 00011514   EFLG : 00012202
 CS  : 005B       CSLIM: FFFFFFFF   SS  : 0053       SSLIM: FFFFFFFF

 EAX : read/exec  memory at 0001:0000234C in FIREFOX
 EBX : read/write memory at 0002:000001A4 in FIREFOX
 ECX : read/write memory allocated by LIBC066
 EDX : read/write memory allocated by LIBC066
 ESI : read/write memory on this thread's stack
 EDI : read/write memory on this thread's stack

Applications / Re: WPS File Types. What do you think?
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:13:14 am »
I don't think that the WPS file types (named 'type associations' in the WPS) are of much use for the entire system with the current status. It seems to me that IBM never finished their thoughts about it (as for other features) and the IBM implementation was wrong:

1. Filter associations have more priority than type associations.

I'd say "not perfect" instead of "wrong". In an OO world it can be a property of an individual file called "Puzzle, week 43, easy" to open this file with CROSSWRD.EXE, without having to associate all "*easy" file names with this EXE.

If the extensions of the puzzle file would be a Windows'ish *.PUZ, then you wouldn't really need the ASSOCTYPE anyway.

I do prefer the reversed order, but rare ASSOCTYPEs do make sense in an OO environment. Otherwise one may advocate that the OO environment is wrong.

One should be able to use the earlier script tp delete all unused ASSOCTYPEs. If your system is fully installed and working, perhaps even including some exotic COBOL IDE, then the deletion of unused ASSOCTYPEs shouldn't break anything...

Web applications / Re: Oddities with Youtube.
« on: November 15, 2017, 04:33:05 am »
1.2 GHz Pentium III, 1 GB RAM.

SM 2.35: works

FF 45: crashes quickly, probably since latest "GA" version

PM DLL, to investige the FF 45 crash: crashes, produces TRP file which mentions a.o. NSPR4.DLL and FF's LGPLL-something.DLL

Pentium 4 CPU: FF 45 works

Que pasa?

Applications / Re: DBEXPERT crash with thunderbird open and firefox
« on: November 15, 2017, 12:48:51 am »
Exactly, but where is the problem?

Yes, easier said than done, and I'm not using DBE. Nevertheless in design mode there is a difference, which suggests that other people cannot always fully reproduce all of your findings.

The problem is that the sysinit, when it is almost quiescent, works well and when it is stressed, it fails.
I have used the dbexpert for many years, and it is very reliable.

Well spotted, and I can imagine that any version of FF stresses the system too.

Just checking: if ye olde DBE is working for many years, then how old and clean is the installed (operating) system? Can you, being a  power user of DBE and a DBExpertExpert over here, perhaps reproduce the problem with a fresh, own second system?

It's probably 100% unrelated, but recently I've lost about 800 non-DBE, simple database records over here. A reinstall of the OS was required to be able to save all recreated records again. The unknown (hard-related?) real problem won't be solved by this specific "repair".

Applications / Re: DBEXPERT crash with thunderbird open and firefox
« on: November 14, 2017, 08:21:26 pm »
And it could be another cause. In fact, now I'm seeing the processes with the top.exe program, and fixing the SYSINIT, when the color bar exceeds approximately 40%, the startup fails. But in the moments that goes down of 15% everything is perfect.

(1) Try to solve the real problem.
(2) Contact the author of your TOP.EXE, and ask him to add to the CPU load per process to his PR1UT165.ZIP stem(s) too.
(3) If the CPU load is 14.9% right now, then how do you know that the CPU load of that process won't be 40% a few milliseconds later?

Applications / Re: WPS File Types. What do you think?
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:32:16 am »
I think that it can be interesting for ArcaOS to update the WPS file types, but I'm almost sure we could never get a consensus of which should the be the base set of WPS File Types that should be predefined on the OS. On the other hand there are users that complete ignore the WPS File Types, find it irrelevant or think it will only help to increase the size of the INI files.

</silence>You can delete yours, the unused ones obviously, after having created a WPS back-up. But ...

Code: [Select]

CALL RxFuncAdd 'SysIni','RexxUtil','SysIni'


DO i=1 TO key.0
  IF Length(value)<2 THEN DO
    SAY 'Deleted ASSOCTYPE:' key.i


... installed software may assume that you're using a legacy ASSOCTYPE, which untested Rexx code may have deleted for you. By accident, of course.

In general the manager of the product AN has the power to rename types, delete unused types during an upgrade, or to introduce even more renewed types to not break anything. Then it's a matter of documentation, and yet another avoidable difference.

I can image that reducing the number of ASSOCTYPEs is not a priority for AN. And an user can add, delete or edit existing type names, while being aware what may stop working correctly. Fortunately adding is easy, so breaking new software isn't that likely.<silence>

Applications / Re: WPS File Types. What do you think?
« on: November 07, 2017, 12:06:46 pm »
There are several ones like "COBOL code", "Fortran Code", "Webexplorer URL" and others (it is just an example, COBOL lovers please don't freak out) that I don't think should be on the base OS

</silence>An advantage of some (!) useless ASSOCTYPEs/templates is that it promotes using ASSOCTYPEs. No selectable existing file types could be possible, but you may still want to show new users what's possible.

So perhaps your outdated "Webexplorer URL" file type has to be modernized/renaqmed. To show that a file called "" possibly is a working URL object, to be executed by Firefox, instead of some executable *.COM DOS file which will be executed by a COMMAND.COM.

Andreas' fine FT is, if anything, an overengineered and improved version of the earlier, simple drag & drop code or of the same drag & drop code with a loop to process all matching file names.

"Compressed File" is a generic description indeed. Yet another reincarnation of RAR-archive can be processed by some 7Z WPS object, but I'm not sure that this 7Z WPS object will support my own, compressed *.8Z file format properly. The name of the file type may be too generic, like "Vector image", albeit so far you're the only user and you're aware of what this file type represents.<silence>

General Discussion / Re: Arca Noae Website
« on: November 07, 2017, 11:49:19 am »
</silence>FWIW: the news that AN's webshop is accepting cryptocurrencies, is "fake news". AN will accept real money only, and will just have found some new company which is willing to sell your cryptocurrency for you. Since buying and selling money is both useless and not free in such a case, you may as well try to skip buying and selling money. If the volatility is extreme, the buying and selling will be even more expensive.

If you really, really have to give using cryptocurrencies a try because you believe it's interesting or trending, they you'd better buy a cheaper item, like ordering a pizza instead of an OS. In the end AN wants real money, like all other businesses which do(n't) accept cryptocurrencies.

Reality: money -> service provider -> volatile, unsafe crypto units -> AN's service provider -> money -> AN.

Reommended, cheaper and less dangerous: money -> AN<silence>

Polls / Re: Compatibility with OS/2
« on: November 07, 2017, 11:26:43 am »
I would like community feedback on how important some features of OS/2 are, such as 16-bit support?  16-bit and 32-bit Win-OS/2 support?  16-bit and 32-bit DOS support?

</silence>You'll have the freedom to not support whatever component of an OS/2 install one may be using indeed, in my case (almost) all of the above, but for one it's yet another method to reduce the size of the user base. At the moment I do use MS Office 4.3 more frequently than the number of times I'd really need and want 64-bit support, and on average our collection of software (and investements, if anything of time) will be older than software for more common OSes. If one has to get rid of old software, then one may as well consider using any other OS.<silence>

Setup & Installation / Re: How to - Install Fonts on OS/2
« on: October 27, 2017, 02:18:32 pm »
I can't drag and drop any files as this setting is disabled by default on ArcaOS (unlike OS/2 Warp), and any changes to the mouse settings don't seem restore it.

</silence>Sample CMD file:
Code: [Select]
REM I am not using AO. I am assuming the use of the INSTFONT utility.
REM Do expect error messages of already installed TTF fonts.

Applications / Re: WPS File Types. What do you think?
« on: October 27, 2017, 01:52:12 pm »
I'm not a REXX developers so I'm not sure how to use that script.

I will like to have an script to associate in batch to some "*.zip" files to the "Zip File" WPS file type.

</silence>As a drop target?

I'm not developing the programming language Rexx too, nor the script of one of the Sudoku distributions, nor customized Rexx apps.

But I guess ShowSub is sample code which probably uses SysFileTree() to support wildcards. In the case of ShowSub it will be used to support one file only, without always having to type the whole name of the file. Like typing *.PDF instead of "List of hotels in Quito - verified reviews (concept X).PDF", if that's the only file which does match the pattern *.PDF indeed.

A simple DO-loop can be used to set the EAs for all qualifying files. The posted script requires replacing the type's name Sudoku by your "Zip File" type name. If you want CLI with wildcards, instead of a drop target, then ShowSub is a sample. Learning the syntax of DO-loops is easy for you.

FWIW: just one of the reasons to not deliver a Rexx script for Zip File types is that my copy of 7-Zip, un-OS/2'ífied Unix software, doesn't really support wildcards, and despite of having full disks I don't want to procuce a wrapper and support un-OS/2'ified Unix software. A 7-Zip wildcards wrapper, e.g. to extract all *.7Z files, would use about the same technique.<silence>

Setup & Installation / Re: How to - Install Fonts on OS/2
« on: October 26, 2017, 01:54:04 pm »
I just want to run this vulnerability discovered in the OS/2 Table to see if it affects IBM's OS/2

</silence>You're still somehow mixing OS/2 and ArcaOS, which are different products. So is eCS. If AO includes INSTFONT.EXE, then execute INSTFONT.EXE for font installation instruction. If you don't have an INSTFONT.EXE, then I'd suggest to install it in a PATH directory. Most modern OS/2 font install packages will use it, if available.<silence>

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