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Storage / Re: oddities with OS2AHCI version 2.04
« on: Today at 04:27:34 pm »
Lars,  while I don't have this latest OS2AHCI I have noticed that there is quite a number of things that are only just working on AMD processor systems.

It is almost as if testing on AMD systems is an afterthought or what units they use for testing are old ones (I would like to get ArcaOS working on my Ryzen 8 core system or even the A12 APU system but...) since it apparently works on Intel's latest and greatest.

I'm one of ArcaOS tean of volunteer testers. I don't have any AMD systems. ArcaOS does not work at all on Intel's latest and greatest. I did provide Arca Noae with an Intel system that didn't work at all, and they made improvements to some of the IBM components that extended support. I don't have the resources to cover all systems, and neither does Arca Noae.

I haven't used this bit of REXX for years. I'm not sure it's what you want. Unchecking XWLAN enable radio would be better.

Code: [Select]
/* turn off the radio
* This command deactivates the 802.11b interface
say "Deactivating the wireless network card"
'@ go -k wifistat.exe'
'@ go -k dhcpmon.exe'
'@ dhcpmon -t'
'@ ifconfig lan1 down'
'@ ifconfig lan1 delete'
'@ route -fh'
'@ arp -f'
'@ dhcpstrt -i lan0 -d 10'
say "Cable networking enabled"

General Discussion / Re: OS/2 application developers
« on: December 08, 2017, 09:08:01 pm »
To answer the original poster's question, I want 64-bit OS/2 API to permit the implementation of libc and the rest of the netlabs RPM repository that would permit 64-bit compilation of newly ported open-source programs from other 64-bit platforms. Browsers, Office Suites, e-mail clients, image and movie editors all use too much 32-bit resources and need to be extended.

For most of the OS/2 32-bit API, I'd just want it to still work or be accessible through a 64-32 bit translation layer so existing code would recompile more easily.

Setup & Installation / Re: Printer advice.
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:49:55 pm »
I don't know if the original poster has problems with Manage Printers or with Cups, but on both of these, defects cause them to crash rather than configure my printer. Both products work just fine with my printer on eComStation.

I reported the Manage Printers bug, and various defects were fixed on both the front end in Manage Printers and on the back end in Cups. I don't think any of these fixes have been released at this point.

With the fixes, I can print LPR, but Cups still crashes. Printing is so intricate under the covers that I have not had time to file a bug report. What is a little scary is that the close examination of my Cups support shows that support for my printer is kind of broken, even on Macintosh. Sure enough, there are problems there, too. Oddly, IOS seems to get the printer right every time.

People want printing to be simple, but expressing the printer capabilities in a PPD offers plenty of room for errors. I don't know how to find errors in the PPD, nor do I have any idea how to report an error in Cups. Even if I did, what are the chances of getting a bug fix during the printer's lifetime? What I'd really like is some interactive program to query the printer and construct/test the PPD.

We are definitely ready for a replacement for Cups.

I appreciate that many printers do work on ArcaOS. I'm hoping that for the 5.02 release, my printer (HP M252dw) will be supported for LPR.

General Discussion / Re: Good Bye Net Neutrality
« on: November 30, 2017, 04:04:22 pm »
Free markets are inherently unstable and devolve into monopolies.

A heavily regulated free market can temporarily achieve stability. Net neutrality is just such a regulation. I wouldn't be needed in a perfect world, but we don't live in a perfect world.

General Discussion / Re: Abandonware
« on: November 30, 2017, 03:43:31 pm »
I think a legal definition of "abandonware" is needed.

Software is like a book. If I write software, I should retain the rights (including the right to sell it, or to make it into open source) for a term, and then it reverts to the public domain. If I update the software, that should extend the term. Older versions should become public when the term expires.

If I write software and then walk away without making it open source, how long should it remain mine?

Does it make a difference if the software only runs in the cloud?

Programming / Re: Happy WarpINning!
« on: November 29, 2017, 04:56:44 pm »
I have had a lot of respect for the WarpIn project over the years, particularly out of pure shock that no real InstallShield equivalent was ever produced for OS/2.
Who needs an equivalent when the original is available? Stirling Group's InstallShield for OS/2 was sold since 1992. Even IBM used it for some products.

I've used both, but WarpIN is a lot better.

Looking at the DIVE results, is there something wrong with the measurement? I measured the M93p tiny

Code: [Select]
Direct Interface to video extensions - DIVE
   Video bus bandwidth   :     7282.561    Megabytes/second
   DIVE fun              :    27175.091    fps normalised to 640x480x256
   M->S, DD,   1.00:1    :    25132.707    fps normalised to 640x480x256
   Total                 :     9516.640    DIVE-marks

Is it really that much faster than an accelerated ATI card?

A little bit off topic but has anyone tried to use snap or panorama to drive a hdmi monitor? 

Several video cards now have DVI-D and HDMI outputs and no VGA I was wondering if it was possible to have a hdmi  monitor driven by one of those cards.

I have a monitor that uses a DVI to HDMI converter cable, using an old Dell X600PRO card via DVI output and Snap 3.18.

Panorama should work with the HDMI output if the VESA BIOS on the card or motherboard supports it, most should.

I was going to post this. It depends on the computer (or graphics card) BIOS.

Also, if you have already thrown your HDMI in the trash to use DisplayPort, then that works on my Lenovo M93p tiny with eComStation and Panorama graphics.

Web applications / Re: Web/Browser Applications
« on: October 21, 2017, 10:08:57 pm »
I'm using OOReader, which can read OpenOffice docs on iOS.

But it only reads/prints. It does not edit.

Utilities / Re: backup and restore using zip
« on: October 20, 2017, 10:35:17 pm »
From my testing zip 3.0

zip -qryS c:

does make a good backup that works with symlinks (i.e. yum still works after restore)

A restore of the backup I did with 7z does not work; it cannot find the desktop. The desktop seems to be restored, but ArcaOS can't use it.

Utilities / Re: backup and restore using zip
« on: October 20, 2017, 04:08:21 pm »
How does 7z work for drive letters? For example the following backs up the C: drive using zip.

zip -qryS c:

The following does nearly nothing.

7z a drivec.7z c:
Without being able to test: I guess that 'c:' matches no folder or file. I would try 'c:\' or 'c:\*' next.

Why can't you test?

As long as the c: drive exists, c: may refer to the root. I suspect there isn't really full drive letter support in 7z.

None of the suggestions work. The following works, but I'm still curious how to do it in one line.

cd \
7z a d:ArcaOS-C.7z \

It's not important to the conversation about how 7z syntax works, but 7z is a better compressor. 1,785,138,333 bytes
ArcaOS-C.7z 1,283,110,828 bytes

The number of files is not consistent between the two archives. I don't know why.

Utilities / Re: backup and restore using zip
« on: October 20, 2017, 10:39:26 am »
How does 7z work for drive letters? For example the following backs up the C: drive using zip.

zip -qryS c:

The following does nearly nothing.

7z a drivec.7z c:

What is the 7z command to back up the whole drive? (and why isn't it documented in the p7zip package?)

Utilities / backup and restore using zip
« on: October 20, 2017, 04:20:31 am »
For years, well really decades, I've used zip and unzip to backup and restore bootable volumes.

Now with ArcaOS, it doesn't work.

I use zip -qrS to backup and unzip to restore.

Now that doesn't work because \usr is full of symbolic links that get replaced by files.

This make rpm/yum stop working.

Does anyone have an alternative, or better options for zip that backup and restore symbolic links?

Setup & Installation / Re: Shadows on the desktop stopped working
« on: October 18, 2017, 09:06:51 pm »
Hi Neil

Press and hold the Shift key - I tend to use the left - when the Desktop background colour appears until xfix starts. I presume that would work for the cutdown xwp installed with eCS but have never bothered installing the cutdown versions included with eCS or ArcaOS.



That does not work either on eCS or on ArcaOS. I didn't try any machine with the full XWorkplace.

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