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Setup & Installation / Re: Warp Server on ArcaOS
« on: October 17, 2017, 04:43:59 pm »
Just wondered if WSeB contained the latest version of LAN Server... Anyone know?

It does not. If you were installing ACP2, in addition to XR_C005 and XR_D003 to fix the OS, you need wr_8708, un_2334 and ip_8608. I don't remember which of those fixes which parts. If you just install LAN Server over ArcaOS, you won't need the fixes for TCP/IP or for the Operating System. If you are mixing ArcaOS and LAN Server, you might need to go into the fixpaks and just select some parts.

Setup & Installation / Shadows on the desktop stopped working
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:45:14 pm »
One of the machines I administer (running eCS 2.2 b2) has developed a problem. I can create a shadow (of a folder, for example) on the desktop, but it does not function. Around the same time as this started happening, I got the three error messages shown in the attachments.

After rebooting the machine comes up fine, except for the shadow problem.

What is going on? Can it be fixed?

Setup & Installation / Re: ArcaOS on ThinkCenter M93 Tiny
« on: October 12, 2017, 11:06:02 pm »
The M93p tiny has no BIOS setting to revert to USB 2.0. I was able to use any USB port after installation, but booting can only occur if my external DVD is plugged into the yellow USB socket on the front panel.

Mail-News / Re: PMMail 3.22 and SMTP authentication...can it do that?
« on: October 11, 2017, 06:50:01 pm »
I'm actually running an alpha of 3.23, but nothing about SMTP has changed since 3.22.

PMMail/2 allows connection to SMTP server using username and password. It also allows ESMTP options AUTH DIGEST-MD5 and AUTH CRAM-MD5.

For those who use a non-secure SMTP server, that works, too.

Internet / Re: Firefox 45.9.0 & Youtube
« on: October 10, 2017, 05:50:35 pm »
Firefox reports "If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device."

even in safe mode. I haven't yet tried a new profile.

But I tried another video, and it plays with sound in safe mode. It seems I can play any video that does not try to display an advertisement first.

Out of safe mode playback depends on the advertisements displayed on top of the video. Playback stops while the overlay renders, then it starts again.

Applications / Re: Firefox crashes on maps
« on: October 08, 2017, 05:15:56 pm »
I did get Firefox 45 GA to run. I got libc and libcx from Netlabs-exp and installed them. I kept the RPM so I don't have to configure Netlabs-exp on every machine.

The maps issue is at least improved by Firefox 45. I haven't really exercised it, but doing what I did beta 8 would certainly have crashed and GA did not.

Internet / Re: Availability of Firefox 45.9.0 as .rpm file
« on: October 08, 2017, 04:01:37 pm »
I had Firefox 45 beta 8 running, and all I needed to do was fetch libc and libcx from Netlabs-exp, and install them with RPM. Then I rebooted.

I unzipped (p7zip) the distribution and made objects based on the new location of firefox. I did do the yum update specificed in the readme, and it fails in ways that are predictable since I put in newer libc and libcx.

It works. Printing isn't going to make people very happy, because only postscript printers are supported. My maps bug is apparently fixed, or at least better than it was.

Applications / Re: Firefox crashes on maps
« on: October 06, 2017, 04:21:44 pm »
Hi ,

Just installed the very fresh released Firefox 45.9

And it is stable and no crash so far

I can't get it to start at all. The instructions for installing from .zip are not sufficient.

Hardware / Re: Post 2010 Laptops running ArcaOS
« on: September 27, 2017, 06:10:29 am »
Most of these are pre-2010. Only The T540p is newer.

I'd suggest that a template won't work for categorizing. Really, if the laptop is at all modern, you probably want to go for an essay format or a Youtube video like Sigurd Fastenrath.

Applications / Re: Firefox crashes on maps
« on: September 24, 2017, 09:39:05 pm »
I have created a bug report here to help Bitwise document or solve the problem.

Applications / Re: Firefox crashes on maps
« on: September 22, 2017, 10:21:11 pm »
It crashes here with Firefox 31, 38 and 45. I got a little stability with the latest SeaMonkey and Bing or Google in hybrid mode. Once I switched to satellite, it crashes before I can get to the control to switch it back.

Applications / Re: How to fit ArcaOS 5.0.1 ISO into a CD
« on: September 22, 2017, 10:18:10 pm »
I tried to do this for a high value industrial opportunity, but I could not get it to run in time. I got decent help from Arca Noae, but RPM/YUM is a significant obstacle. We could use some utilities to automatically trim repositories.

The old Microsoft/IBM installer is a bit picky, too. It's amazing how good the ArcaOS installer is considering that's still being used.

Applications / Firefox crashes on maps
« on: September 20, 2017, 08:43:49 pm »
I'm seeing a pattern with Firefox 45.5.0 beta 8 where it crashes when the mouse hovers over a map. There is no .TRP file, although there is a beep.

It does not seem to matter if the map is Google or Bing.
A new profile brought relief, but on the second try, it crashed also.
I have one other user that I know that sees the same crash displaying a map.

Does anyone else see this behavior?
Is there anything else I could submit in a bug report other than a URL?

Setup & Installation / Re: Lenovo ThinkCentre M93 Tiny
« on: June 24, 2017, 03:37:03 pm »

I haven't tried yet. eCS 2.2 b2 runs on it, too, if updated with AN Drivers and Software.

Any idea which drivers and software? I may already have the required AN drivers.

I'd guess USB and ACPI. AHCI also needed because the one in eCS isn't good. Once ArcaOS is on, I can just restore images from backups.

I also have a M92p tiny, and that is much better -- USB can be set to 2.0 in BIOS. This will all be moot if we get USB 3.0 drivers.

Setup & Installation / Re: Lenovo ThinkCentre M93 Tiny
« on: June 24, 2017, 12:51:55 am »
I have ArcaOS 5.0.1 (private beta) running on Lenovo M93p tiny.

It is hard to boot the installation disk. I succeeded by mounting the USB DVD drive on the yellow front port.

Many thanks. I take it that the release version won't build. If not how would I get a copy of this version?

I haven't tried yet. eCS 2.2 b2 runs on it, too, if updated with AN Drivers and Software.

I only used 5.0.1 because I needed to test it a little bit.

By the way, Display Port worked with Panorama on the M93p Tiny, but offers a limited set of resolutions. 1920 x 1200 x 24 bit did work.

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