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Primarily IPC, interprocess communication.  It was in 10 for everyone else be we could back it out.  IPC makes it so that each tab runs in its own process so that each tab is protected from the other.  There are a few other things that Dave is working on too.

Setup & Installation / Re: eCS 2.2 YUM/RPM question
« on: January 16, 2013, 07:12:54 pm »
I have not seen the 2.2 installer and I am not associated with Mensys or Serenity so this is in no way authoritative but just reasoning from what I do know.
1.  This would only be true if the answer to ? 3 is that RPM/YUM must be on the boot drive (as the question comes from the RPM/YUM readme).
2.  I do not know if RPM/YUM will be installed if you do not select installing anything that requires it or if it will also have its own selection etc.
3.  RPM/YUM can be installed to another partition so I would expect the eCS installer would allow that as well.  The same partition you install RPM/YUM to will also be where everything it installs goes to.
4.  There is no reason a requirement for multiple partitions would exist if someone were to want one large partition with OS and RPM/YUM and applications installed to.
5.  If RPM/YUM had to be put to the boot drive then it would mess up the whole boot drive.  RPM/YUM might be put into a separate folder with its structure under by setting the unixroot=X:\rpmyum but the readme says that is untested but I don't know if there are any known issues with it.  I haven't seen anything in the RPM/YUM timeline suggesting any fixes have been made to RPM/YUM to allow it if there are any known issue (or whether anyone has tested that there are no issues so that it will just be allowed).  As the readme has a warning about not being on the root of the drive I doubt the eCS installer will be setup to put it into its own folder but I can't say that hasn't been addressed either.

Programming / Re: Have questions about porting software to eCS?
« on: December 28, 2012, 06:00:13 am »
I'd suggest starting with a simple command line app like wget

People seem to want to be ambitious and start with something like virtualbox!

I was trying to lead a thread to get wget to build. The latest one wasn't cooperating. Then OS2world ended. I did download an older version, which has been built in the OS/2 environment previously, but I have done nothing with it, other than discover that it won't build either. I am pretty sure that it is just a minor setup problem, but I don't see what it might be, and need some guidance from those who know about these things.

I intend to restart that thread, sometime early next year, unless somebody else wants to start it earlier. Hopefully, it will serve as a guide for others, but it should also serve as a guide to get the build environment to work with a basic project, before a user decides to tackle more complicated things, like virtualbox.   ;D
wget built very easily with Paul's environment... I had to make one change to the code to make up for the fact that that some struct (sched_param) was getting defined twice in their code.  With my home grown environment I was having problems because it wanted gnutls which in turn wanted libnettles.  There is not a gnutls in the yum repository for that environment so I have the same issue there as I do with my own.

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