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General Discussion / SAMBA, RSync, and ZIP.
« on: October 25, 2015, 07:53:36 pm »
This is a report of a problem that I have seen a few times. I would like some suggestions about what to report, and where to report it. I think that SAMBA causes the problem that causes RSync, and ZIP to crash when they stumble upon the "defective" file. Other programs don't seem to mind the file.

First, I will state that RSync, and ZIP, should NOT crash, and they need to be fixed. Who is looking after those programs these days, and where does one report problems? Then, I don't think that SAMBA should be creating files with EAs that contain a blank, empty, EA in the middle of other EAs.

Anyway, what I did: I use a small batch file to update the files distributed by Virtual Box Extensions, for OS/2. It is pretty simple (and far from complete). I keep the script on my main machine, so I can access it from any SAMBA attached eCS system in a VM. Recently, I had need to change the drive letter in that file, so I Attached the share in SAMBA, copied the file (from the remote directory to the remote directory) to a new name, then edited it using the E editor (EA.EXE), saved it, and it worked fine. When trying to reproduce the problem, it seems that the problem does not always happen, but I have seen it a few times over the last few months.

Later, RSync came along, and crashed when it got to the file. even later, it did it again. After much messing around, I isolated the problem to that file (simply listing the file with RSync causes the crash). Then, I tried to ZIP up the folder, so I wouldn't lose it, and ZIP crashed when it got to that file. ARJ doesn't seem to mind (but I haven't verified that the problem was retained).

Using FM/2 (latest), I looked around on the file, and discovered a problem in the EAs. There is a blank EA, with no data, in the list. If I remove the EAs, the crash no longer happens.

I attached RSyncCrash.arj, for those who might be interested in looking closer.

Storage / Merge two JFS volumes
« on: March 13, 2014, 09:01:31 pm »
I am using the JFS that comes with eCS 2.1. I have two volumes: V: which is roughly 50 GB, and W: which is roughly 200 GB. Both are type 35 (not bootable). There is enough room on W: for everything that is on V:. I wish to move everything to W: (do I have to do that?), then merge V: with W: (which I think can be done), eliminating V:. V: is ahead of W:, physically.

Has anybody done it? How? Are there any tips?


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