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ibmworks, in all cases return: Notepad, An error occurred while creating new database files. Be sure the filespec is valid and that there is sufficient disk space available.

Ibmworks, can not find the path specified in the ibmworks.ini file. Specifically, the Appointments application fails.

ClearLook, print failure to pdf, using pmpdf, gives me a error code 1-
Print ok, and you can create a ps file that is correct, but you can not create a pdf.

VirtualBox506 used as os2 host and as guest xp, can not read an image.iso from xp. But if it works with the original CD in the cd drive.
In a new installation of the vbox, it happened to me that with the cd inserted did not start the installation, and unplugging and plugging the usb mouse, the installation continued, but I had to do this during all the first part of the xp installation. For the first part of the installation I mean even before the rebound of the xp system. Then I run everything ok.

After this installation, I seemed to see for a second, that when I plugged a usb unit HD jfs 2t, that the LVM / Rediscoverprm, showed me the unit S (dvd-unit), but then appeared the correct new unit that was the G.
As it was only a second that appeared the poster, I'm not sure, and I have not been able to repeat it.


Programming / Re: ArcaOS
« on: May 07, 2017, 09:20:07 pm »
Well from my point of view, this problem is with certain programs that use some flash code (?) To control the usb, which are not completely compatible with the system usb.
One of the most harmful ones is usbmon.exe
Shut_down have that same problem

The problem starts with that the mouse is tried but does not obey the commands given, and if you do not do anything the system to a while closes, but if you turn off and turn on the wifi that is usb, or unplug and plug in the mouse usb, It is as if the processes continue and everything returns to normal.
On some occasions, I have to unplug and plug it up 4 or 5 times to regain control, or to do a full shut_down
I am not sure that the code is flash, but by the type of windows that I have sometimes seen I think it is flash.

Networking / Re: DNS resolution...strange problem?
« on: May 02, 2017, 08:30:35 pm »
I have not any problem now,
[E:\]host =

[E:\]host =

I do not in Gsview, but in lucide I install poppler-legacy-63 ver 0.47.0-1  for a correct print
Sorry, the poppler-legacy-63 is for plugins in lucide, not for print. The last poppler-legacy-65 fail in plugins with lucide.

Multimedia / Re: USB 10.216 and youtube videos
« on: March 26, 2017, 01:45:46 pm »
Just move it out of the 'Startup' folder then it won't be loaded.
If that is the best solution. In fact this program does not make sense to use it nowadays, because the only thing that it does is to create you a usb printer, if it does not find it. But you can always create it manually.
Also, it is unlikely that usbdrv216 would be the cause of your problem.
No, In my case this driver is the solution to many problems.

The problem that I have, not only happens to me with videos on youtube. Also it happens to me with the wps, specifically if I select the find of the right mouse button on the desktop, and I look for in a unit of 255gb. searching for one file and I tell you to save it in a folder. I have not the problem in a 30gb drive.
I think if wps, has lines of code the same as usbmon.exe, somewhere, can cause this problem.
After the error appears in the wps-finder. To conclude the system, it is the same if I unplug and plug the external USB mouse, that if I turn off and turn on the wifi. This is what allows me to continue the shutdown.

Multimedia / Re: USB 10.216 and youtube videos
« on: March 25, 2017, 07:53:18 pm »
The problem is ONLY in this file:
2005/08/25  11:28:07  19477     U:\OS2\usbmon.exe
[U:\]bldlevel u:\os2\usbmon.exe
Build Level Display Facility Version 6.12.675 Sep 25 2001
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1993-2001
Signature:       @#IBM:14.104#@ USB Printer Monitor Executable
Vendor:          IBM
Revision:        14.104
File Version:    14.104
Description:     USB Printer Monitor Executable

The usb 10.216, is run very well, but is necessary kill this file program. No is perfect 100%, only is perfect 99%, but I understand that after  modify it, can be 100% ok.

Applications / Re: Can I use a usb port as a com-port?
« on: March 25, 2017, 01:21:13 pm »
the problem of the two errors that sometimes occur in the starting of the plate
In the relays.cmd file, I change this two lines and now is work 100% ok.
from this rc = RxUsbCtrlMessage(Handle,RequestType,Request,Value,Index,1,Data,100);
to rc = RxUsbCtrlMessage(Handle,RequestType,Request,Value,Index,1,Data,1000);
and in
from rc = RxUsbCtrlMessage(Handle,RequestType,Request,Value,Index,NumBytes,,100);
to rc = RxUsbCtrlMessage(Handle,RequestType,Request,Value,Index,NumBytes,,1000);
The power supply has no influence at all. The important thing is to disconnect it (from the power supply, like the usb) before starting the usbrelays.cmd

Multimedia / USB 10.216 and youtube videos
« on: March 24, 2017, 11:31:07 pm »
I recently installed this version of USB 10.216. And the problem with the videos persisted, I have to press the on-off wifi to continue watching the videos.
But if I kill the process u: \ os2 \ usbmon.exe and boot the firefox works perfect.
In my opinion this program interferes with the driver.

Applications / Re: Can I use a usb port as a com-port?
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:51:03 pm »
Roberto did not use an external power supply at that time. May be we did not try hard enough with slight modifications of my original script to get it working.
I wanted to clarify, the problem of the two errors that sometimes occur in the starting of the plate.If I keep the circuit with current, I get the feeling that something is not reset, because with current if it does not start the first there is no way to start it.And since I'm a bit of a bitch, I do not want to get up and unplug it. What I do is remove the power-source, and only with the usb, it is easier to unplug and ready.I also need to prove with a source of more quality, in case it may or may not affect it.

what happens uInder windows.

I only tried it twice, the first one worked but it was bad (the reles did not act as expected, but they moved), and the second time could not find the device.

In os / 2 this is working fine, but always after receiving the AC command, which is where in the boot sometimes gives errors x280 and x80 ..

Applications / Re: Can I use a usb port as a com-port?
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:15:53 pm »
from file "pl2303.c" but maybe the vendor specific Setup is not working correctly yet.
I read about this chip this can be the problem?:
Warning Notice:
Please be warned that counterfeit (fake) PL-2303HX (Chip Rev A) USB to Serial Controller ICs using Prolific's trademark logo, brandname, and device drivers, were being sold in the China market. Counterfeit IC products show exactly the same outside chip markings but generally are of poor quality and causes Windows driver compatibility issues (Yellow Mark Error Code 10 in Device Manager). We issue this warning to all our customers and consumers to avoid confusion and false purchase.
The web site of Prolific Tech:

Applications / Re: Can I use a usb port as a com-port?
« on: March 22, 2017, 01:58:47 pm »
It appears that it does need an external power supply because on startup it pulls more power than a standard USB port can supply.
Yes, you are right, so in the example I have only put the activation one by one to not overload the computer. Now I have to find an old power supply from a pc, to couple it. Like the ones that a lot of people use for arduinos and rasperripy. But in this case I will put my old laptop.
If you look, the relay plates of one or two relays, do not have the option of external power supply. I understand it's because they do not need it.

Applications / Re: Can I use a usb port as a com-port?
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:58:08 pm »
Well, I can say, thank you.
Finally I gave a termination to your explanations, which have been very didactic for me.
I have left it so that only one relay can be pressed one by one.
For two reasons, do not overload the pc (being without power supply), and because it is more practical to verify that each relay works on OS / 2.

Applications / Re: Can I use a usb port as a com-port?
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:19:38 am »
There is obviously some timing issue. You might try and test with sending only 1 data byte with RxUsbBulkWrite.
I could not see any improvement by modifying this value.
But if I improve disconnecting the power to the plate, restoring the laptop, and connecting the usb after restoration worked well. I even added it's rest of code and moved the relays.
It may be that the power supply is not stabilized, and this circuit requires more precision in the voltage.
I have another problem with this laptop, and I have to wait for 16 minutes to 20 minutes, to restart it. If I do not do this, the OS / 2 turns off the laptop. This happens to me with any of the OS / 2 partitions, but not if I boot w10.
The only doubt I have is the numbering of relays. And the possible combination of starting two or more relays at the same time.

Applications / Re: Can I use a usb port as a com-port?
« on: March 20, 2017, 05:12:05 pm »
You are a phenomenon !!!!,
Anyway I comment:
The first time I ran it on the screen gave me this error
The second time I run it but send to file, and give me error:

After this I unplug and plug the usb and give me this error:
 Data: AC
But only run well if I send to file, similar a urwin.cmd >mifile.txt

Now is nice.

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