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eyeCU/2 version released

eyeCU/2 version is available for download:


Minor updates and bug fixes:

  • Now asks user to restart the client once current language switched.
  • Formatting detection in XHTML-IM plugin fixed.
  • Default shortcut sequences changed to resolve some conflicts.
  • Added support of Jimm for android into client icons plugin.
  • Added IINM abbreviation into abbreviations list.


eyeCU home page:
Download eyeCU for OS/2:

eyeCU (reads "I see you") is an open source, multifunctional Qt-based crossplatform XMPP client with geolocation support and a lot of other features.

Main features:

1. XMPP basic:

  • Multiuser Conferences (MUC)
  • XHTML-IM (allows to use rich formatted text in messages). Allows to embed images using either internet URLs (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP schemes), BOB (CID scheme) and DATA scheme (not recommended).
  • OOB links in messages.
  • Chat states (also works in MUC).
  • Message delivery receipts (allows to ensure, that your message is delivered to the other party).
  • Message carbons (allows to keep chat synchronized with different resources).
  • Message Archiving (allows to store your history both on local machine an on the XMPP server).
  • Privacy Lists (allows to hide your presence from other contacts or to block messages from other contacts).
  • Avatars (both vCard-based and iq-based avatars are supporded).
  • Attention (allows to attract your contact's attention).
  • File Transfer (both SOCKS5 and IBB transport methods are supported).
  • Nested contact groups.
  • Metacontacts (allows to combine different contacts of the same person into one).
  • Fully customizable roster.

2. Personal Events (PEP)

  • User Mood (allows to exchange mood information, also works for messages).
  • User Activity (allows to exchange activity information).
  • User Tune (allows to exchange currently playing tune information. PM123, QuPlayer and Z! are supported). May request tune information from internet.
  • User Location (allows to exchange current user location information. See Geolocation/Positioning for details).
  • User Nickname (both PEP and presence are supported).

3. Geolocation/Positioning

  • Different positioning methods (allows to determine your geolocation manually, by IP address, or using positioning device GPS/GLONASS receiver, connected by either RS-232 or USB communication port).
  • Built-in online interactive map with a lot of sources (OSM, Google, Yandex, WikiMapia, Yahoo!,Here, RuMap, Kosmosnimki, Vi-Tel, Bing, Esri, 2GIS, Navitel, Navteq, Rosreestr, Megafon and Pro-gorod) and modes.
  • Contacts and their messages are displayed on the map.
  • Contact proximity notifications.
  • Magnifying glass.
  • Points of Interest (POI).
  • Different map search engines (OSM, Google, Yandex, 2GIS, Navitel, Here).
  • Google Street View.

4. User friendly

  • Have two operating modes: advanced (for XMPP profi) and for newbies.
  • Connection wizard (allows easily connect to XMPP network even for those, who new to XMPP).
  • Transport wizard (allows easlily connect to a legacy nertwork via appropriate transport or change transport with different one).
  • Automatic resolving of contact nicknames.
  • Plugin architecture (you may either disable or uninstall plugins, which functionality you don't need to save RAM or disk space).

5. Appearance customization:

  • Supports two types of message display styles (Simple and Adium)
  • Supports different sets of text smilies (emoticons).
  • Supports different sets of Emoji smilies (could be downloaded from application web page).
  • Both Map and Messages could be either attached to Roster, or detached from it.

And much more!

eyeCU roster map


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