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Amouse is a driver for mice with single wheel. It is available in German, English, Swedish and Italian.

This package contains a device driver as well as a application code to support mice with a wheel, e. g.:

  • Logitech Pilot Mouse+ with serial or PS/2-port
  • Logitech Mouse Man+
  • Microsoft Intellimouse
  • IBM Scrollpoint mouse
  • Typhoon/Trust Scroll Mouse

The behavior of the wheel may be controlled by an addition to the mouse settings panel in the system settings folder or by a separate configuration program for the wheel.



  • 03-10-2002: Italian version added. Gold release of version 2.0.
  • 03-23-2002: Corrections to Italian version; Virtual Pascal support added.
  • 04-14-2002: French version added. Support for wheel acceleration.
  • 05-05-2002: Corrections in Swedish language support files.
  • 05-15-2002: Corrections in Italian language support files.
  • 06-15-2002: First drop of Beta
  • 07-08-2002: Some error corrections
  • 07-13-2002: New XWorkplace support: now comes with settings page and tooltip
  • 10-01-2002: Additional bundle containing USB-enabled mouse driver
  • 10-05-2002: Version 2.2Beta with German/English installer containing USB support files
  • 10-07-2002: Version 2.2Beta with Italian/Swedish installer containing USB support files
  • 10-10-2002: Version 2.2Beta with French installer containing USB support files
  • 11-23-2002: bug fixes for mouse buttons; mouse acceleration; bug fix for wheel thread death
  • 12-27-2002: bug fixes for initialization, internalization
  • 01-01-2003: New driver with better Logitech support
  • 02-02-2003: bug fixes in mouse driver; support of 2 wheels and mice with trackball; Java support
  • 07-04-2003: better USB support; some bug fixes and support for additional applications
  • 25-04-2003: USB support improved; fix for TRAP with serial mouse
  • 24-05-2003: Version 2.5beta with improved device detection, improved USB driver and user configurable application support. NOTE: French and Russian translation incomplete
  • 24-05-2003: Improved VIO/AVIO handling; Enhancement of some controls
  • 12-24-2003:(2.50.06) Bugfix for hang with some versions of WPCONFIG.DLL; bugfix for handling of settings pages; better PMView support
  • 01-02-2004:(2.50.07) Bugfix for hanging dialog panel when using Logitech PS/2 mice
  • 03-04-2004:(2.50.08) addition to readme; some minor fixes in control-sizes in panels
  • 05-01-2004:(2.50.08) Finally: WarpIN archive!
  • 05-31-2004:(2.50.08) WarpIN-installation corrected: WPStickMouse deregistered, if present
  • 06-05-2004:(2.60.00) Unused settings pages from IBM Stick Mouse driver removed
  • 11-20-2004:(2.70.01) Support for mice with more than 5 buttons added
  • 12-12-2004:(2.70.02) Correction of install program; updated mouse driver
  • 02-25-2005:(2.70.03) Full support for IBM Scrollpoint; Logitech SmartCruise for MX series; Support for 10 buttons; API function added for external access to Volume control
  • 02-25-2005:(2.70.05) Bugfix for installer and compatibility with IBM USBMOUSE.SYS driver; language updates
  • 02-25-2005:(2.70.06) Finished language update for French
  • 06-18-2005:(2.70.07) MX1000 device string corrected
  • 05-21-2006:(2.70.08) Corrections to Installer; Removal for IBM Installer support
  • 08-20-2006:(2.70.09) Support for USB Mouse with 12 or 16 bit resolution; Support for new Logitech mice (MX518, MX610)
  • 08-20-2006:(2.80.00) Modified support for assigning keystrokes; Dutch language support; USBMOUSE.SYS now loaded from AMouse directory
  • 09-22-2007:(2.80.01) No changes; just release of 2.80!
  • 10-06-2007:(2.80.04) Correct archive for Dutch version



  • Freeware
  • GUI released has open source under the BSD 3 Clauses license.
  • Driver has dependencies on IBM DDK.