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Blue Lion is the code name of a new OS/2 distribution created by Arca Noae.


  • 2016 - 3Q

Highlighs from the Announcement

Blue Lion 

Slide 1:
- Codename for the next OS/2 distribution
- It has a new SMP Kernel. 
- New Pre-boot menu
- New Installer
- Latest Arca Noae Drivers
- Latest WPS enhancements and fixes
- Latest eCUPS and printer creation utilities and Drivers. 

- There is still a lot work to do. 
- SMP kernel is an IBM kernel. With some fixes.

Slide 2:
- Installable from USB media (stick or HDD)
- Installable across the network
- Extra drivers loadable from USB
- No more reliance on floppy discs
- No more reliance on optical devices
- Latest Arca Noae updates downlaoded and slipstreamed during install, if desire. 

Slide 3: 
- Bluit on MCP2 with SMP
- Includes licensed IBM components
- Protects OS/2 Warp and eCS investments
- Discounted upgrade for current driver and software package subscribers, based on remaining subscription length

- Arca Noae has license from IBM for Warp 4.52 and SMP. 
- There will be a discount on "Blue Lion" for users that has Arca Noae software package subscribers. 

Slide 4: 
- 3Q 2016 is the target
- No vaporware
- No exact dates projected, guessed, or otherwise promised 
- No pre-orders to be sold

- Arca Noae is doing has preasure to release it as soon as it is humanly possible. 
- They will not have a wide beta or a lot of beta released. They haven't defined the beta strategy yet. 
- They invested serial capital on it, it is not vaporware. 
- They are not asking for any money upfront. 

Slide 5:
- We want to hear from you
- Send us comments and wislists
- Use the Arcan Noae contact from or email
- Want to see third-part drivers or software in Blue Lion? Get involved !

- It will not be named eComStation. Arca Noae does not have any ownerwship on eCS and "Blue Lion" is a complete separate work. 
- Arca Noae is not a contractor of XEU which is the aparent owner of eComStation. 
- Arca Noae does not knows the plans for eComStation.
- eComStation is the competitor of "Blue Lion".
- If you have a Gizmo that you want to be used on OS/2, lets send the suggestion to Arca Noae to evaluate if it can be worked out. 

1) Does Arca has access to the Kernel source code?
As far as Arca knows, there is nobody at IBM actively developing OS/2.  You can not open APARs with IBM. 

The agreement of Arca Noae and IBM does not brings them any access to source code. 
Arca has ability to do some fixes to the kernel and can do changes to the kernel according to their agreement with IBM. 
Blue Lion will have the same IBM Kernel with patches.

2) Installer
Their goal is to make as easy to install OS/2 as possible. 

3) Hardware
The goal is not force people on buying one particular machine to install OS/2.