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It is Enlightenment for OS/2. Exactly it's the port of Enlightenment to XFree86OS/2.

Enlightenment is a Windowmanager for X-Windows, with the aim of perfect customizable look with perfect usability. In my opinion they're hitting their goal. Enlightenment is using themes to change it's complete look, and behavior. That means instead just changing Pixmaps some samesized pixmaps or bars it changes the complete outlook, that includes, dragbars, buttons with different features, resizecorners and it's behaviors.

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  • E/2 base (US-Mirror only)(> 12MB) 0.16 - 0.16 Release 4 with ETerm, SH and SOUND!!!
  • E/2 UPDATE 0.16.4 - 0.16 Release 4 with ETerm, SH and SOUND!!!
  • ImageMagick 4.2.2
  • SHM

optional utils

  • E/2 key edit NEW This util let's you customize your keybindings, including the Win-key etc.
  • rm from GNUUtils Needed for using ".etheme" files (always useful tools)
  • GZIP Needed for using ".etheme" files
  • TAR Needed for using ".etheme" files

optional files

  • Epllets 1.0 The whole collection of these tiny-E/2 Progs called epplets! (needs MesaGL!)
  • E/2 Config 0.15 Configuration Tool (only if you have GNOME installed)
  • Gnome-menu Adds and EDITS existing GNOME/2 Apps to the E/2-Menu with gmenu application (GNOME app)
  • BlueSteel.etheme NEW Enlightenment/2-Theme (shift+click for download)
  • XFSTT TrueType-Font Server (mail me if you get this running)
  • Tiled Pix NON-local E-Term Pixmaps
  • Scaled 1 NON-local E-Term Pixmaps
  • Scaled 2 NON-local E-Term Pixmaps

Older Enlightenments

If you're using XFreee86OS/2 3.3.1 you need to download a X-Server with TrueType support from Hung-Chi Chu's unofficial XFree Fixes

Window Maker/2

  • 23.08.2000 Window Maker 0.62.1 Window Maker core

optional files

  • 23.08.2000 Extras 0.1 More Window Maker themes, pixmaps and so on
  • 23.08.2000 WM Tetris 0.1 Little Tetris Game
  • 23.08.2000 WM Eyes 0.1 XEyes for Windowmaker
  • 23.08.2000 WM CutBuffers 0.1 WMCB provides access to the cut buffers built into every Xserver. It allows the buffers to be manipulated with the mouse in a point and click manner (see xcb). WMCB is designed primarily for use with textual data.
  • 23.08.2000 Windowmaker WPI Package All the above files as WPI Archive, please press "RightMouseButton + Save as" to download or better use a ftp Program. You als need the libraries from here, I recommend to use the WPI package.

Libraries (needed by E/2 and WM/2)

  • Zlib 1.1.3
  • TTFlib 1.2.0
  • GetText 0.10.35
  • GIFlib 3.0.0
  • TIFFlib 3.4.37
  • PNGlib 1.0.3
  • JPEGlib 6.0.0
  • LibpropList 0.10.1
  • Imlib NEW 1.9.8
  • Libraries All needed Libraries as WPI-Package, please press "RightMouseButton + Save as" to download or better use a ftp Program


  • Port: [[]]