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This is a list of the IBM Employee Written software. The binaries of this software are ruled by the IBM EWS License

Name Description Filename Author Version
Alpha Language sensitive browse and edit utility ALPHAL.ZIP Lionel de Lambert 3.2 (Source code available)
APING APPC test utility APING.ZIP Peter J. Schwaller 2.36
APMT PM test and automation tool APMTST.ZIP
Dev Banerjee 2.9
AREXEC APPC remote execution system AREXEC.ZIP Peter J. Schwaller 2.36
ATELL APPC messaging utility ATELL.ZIP Peter J. Schwaller 2.36
AUTODISP APPN resource display AUTODI.ZIP Richard L. Gray 0.30
BINGO/2 Bingo game BINGO2.ZIP 1.44
BN2SRC Binary Data File to source structure translate utilities BN2SRC.ZIP Kennneth A. Kahn 1.00
BOOTOS2 Build bootable OS/2 diskettes and partitions BOOTOS2.ZIP 9.26
cBook C language file formatter for BookMaster CBOOK.ZIP Patrick J. Mueller 2.1
CD Explorer Compact Disc Digital Audio Explorer CDEXPL.ZIP Dave Thomas 2.5
CDTHRU CDROM transfer rate program CDTHRU.ZIP
CHKSTORE Check use of space on LAN directories CHKSTO.ZIP 2.12
ClipServ TCP/IP server for system clipboard CLPSRV.ZIP 1.00
COLORPT Color point program COLRPT.ZIP Barry R. Diller 1.01
cPost C language file formatter for PostScript CPOST.ZIP Patrick J. Mueller 1.2
CustEPM Customized version of EPM CSTEPM.ZIP Larry Margolis
DBMRPW DBM remote password administration utility DBMRPW.ZIP James Wangler
DInfo Swap file monitor DINFO.ZIP N. Malte Christensen 2.00
DIRSTAT LAN adapter information utility DIRSTA.ZIP Chris Ahl 1.05
DVORAKKB Remap US keyboard to Dvorak layout DVORKB.ZIP 1.3
EDITINI Simple INI profile editor EDTINI.ZIP Gunnar P. Seaburg 1.00
ELEP2 3270 emulation program ELEP2F.ZIP Kenneth A. Kahn
ELEPHANT Tiny Dancing Elephant (with digital clock) ELEPHT.ZIP David Slauson 1.21
ENVED Edit environment strings ENVED.ZIP 1.10
EPMPLx EPM PL/x Coding Assist EPMPLX.ZIP Steve Greenspan 2.2 (1993-08-17)
EXCAL A Workplace Calendar EXCAL.ZIP 3.0m
EXDESK Extended WPS Desktop EXDESK.ZIP Dan Campbell 1.4
EXEMAP EXE file mapping tool EXEMAP.ZIP Brian Kenn 2.1.3
File Phoenix Recovers deleted files FENX2.ZIP 1.21
FILEMAN A file manager FMOS2.ZIP
FileView File viewer/browser FV2.ZIP 1.13
FV2-14.ZIP 1.14
GFC Graphical file comparison program OS2GFC.ZIP 1.2
Graphical file comparison program (German) GFC13DE.ZIP 1.3
Group Folder WPS Class to provide divided folder GFOLDR.ZIP Dan Kehn
Gopher Gopher protocol client GOPHER.ZIP David S. Singer 1.9915
GoServe Web and Gopher server GOSERV.ZIP Mike Cowlishaw 2.52
GPSClock Simple digital clock CLOKGS.ZIP 1.32
HexDump Binary data display and conversion utility HEXDMP.ZIP Joe Nord 1.00
IniEdit INI file editor INIEDIT.ZIP
IPFCPrep IPF preprocessor IPFCPP.ZIP Doug Haigh 1.0
JumpKey/2 Hotkey utility JUMPKEY.ZIP 2.3.0
KDRAW KEDIT and THE macros to draw box characters KDRAW.ZIP 1.23
KL KEDIT and THE macros to display file lists KL.ZIP 3.00
L40BATT PS/2 L40 SX battery monitor program L40BAT.ZIP Barry R. Diller 2.21
L40TEMP PS/2 L40 SX temperature monitor program L40TEM.ZIP Barry R. Diller 2.21
LaunchHook Activate LaunchPad or TaskList by tapping pointer on desktop LNCHHK.ZIP 1.9
LOADDSKF/SAVEDSKF Diskette imaging utilities LOADDF.ZIP Tom Cooper 1.16/1.14
LOCKDRV DOS-Mode Drive Lock Utility LCKDRV.ZIP
LP3820 Print AFP documents on a personal laser printer LP3820.ZIP Ken Borgedale 2.5a
LP382F Fonts for use with LP3820 HP-PCL and 4019 PPDS modes LP382F.ZIP Ken Borgedale 2.2d
LTRENAME CM LT Session Window Rename Utility LTRNAM.ZIP Kennneth A. Kahn 1.00
M76PMO Power saver for IBM 9576/9577 M76PMO.ZIP 1.03
ManyClip Multiple clipboard facility MCLIP.ZIP 3.3
Megadesk Desktop expander MEGADS.ZIP Brent Gross 2.24
MShell Mini PM Shell MSHELL.ZIP
NetUtil REXX functions that enhance NET commands NETUTL.ZIP 1.24
NetREXX Programming language derived from Java and REXX NREXX.ZIP 0.50
OS20MEMU Memory usage utility 20MEMU.ZIP Ross Cook 1.4
OS2PopS Full function POP server OS2POPS.ZIP 2.00
OS2POPS202.ZIP 2.02
PMCALC Pocket calculator PMCALC.ZIP
PM Camera/2 Screen capture utility PMCAM2.ZIP Juerg von Kaenel 2.08, 2.10
PMFTERM Terminal emulator PMFTRM.ZIP Steve Blunden 1.5
PMGlobe World Globe PMGB32.ZIP Mike Cowlishaw 2.18
PMprintf 'printf' support for OS/2 Presentation Manager PMPRTF.ZIP Mike Cowlishaw 2.57
PMSPY PM window message monitor PMSPY32.ZIP Juerg von Kaenel 1.1
PMTREE Graphical display of PM windows PMTREE.ZIP Donald Hobern
PRINTPS REXX program to print a text file on a PostScript printer PRNTPS.ZIP Mike Perks
Progref Generate program reference objects from executables PROGRF.ZIP
QCONFIG Report system configuration QCONFG.ZIP Jeff Muir 2.22
RINGUT LAN Ring Utilization Utility RINGUT.ZIP 1.02
ROBOSV Utility for saving the OS/2 desktop ROBOSV.ZIP 3.04
RxD REXX source level debugger RXD.ZIP Patrick J. Mueller
rxFtp REXX Function Package for TCP/IP FTP RXFTP.ZIP
RxMathFn Basic math functions for use with OS/2 REXX RXMATH.ZIP Patrick J. Mueller
RxNetB REXX/NETBIOS Function interface Package RXNETB.ZIP Sam Detweiler Jr.
rxSock REXX function package for TCP/IP sockets RXSOCK.ZIP Patrick J. Mueller
ShiftRun Program to run an OS/2 program before IPL is done SHFTRN.ZIP Michael Harris 1.60
StartDos Program for starting VDMs STARTD.ZIP 1.0
STPOS2 Subdirectory tree manager STPOS2.ZIP
T A tiny editor TINYED.ZIP
Tim Baldwin 1.00 (1992-08-11)
TShell Non-GUI, text based shell TSHELL.ZIP 1.0
TuneUp LAN Server tuning tool TUNEUP.ZIP Ken Hubacher 1.0
TVFS Toronto Virtual File System TVFS.ZIP 2.11
TEXTorPS Print text on PostScript printer without intervention TXT2PS.ZIP Mason Williams 2.56
UTLOS2 *ix-like and other utilities UTLOS2.ZIP 2.9
VPoker Video poker game VPOKER.ZIP 1.00
VREXX Visual REXX VREXX2.ZIP Richard B. Lam 1.1
Workplace Shell for Windows Workplace Shell for Windows 3.1 WPSFWIN.ZIP 1.51