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JWSOS/2 is an OS/2 Rexx script that makes Java WorkShop(*) 1.x work on OS/2. JWSOS/2 is now to its second release, and fully working. Some problems remain, because Java WorkShop uses non-standard compiler switches, that are not understood by OS/2's JDK. You can download JWSOS/2 here, it is FREE :)

UPDATE: SUN now distributes Java WorkShop 2.x. JWS OS/2 no longer works with this release. Since SUN continues to ignore the OS/2 market, and since we now have many equivalent development suites, I decided not to upgrade JWSOS/2. If you feel that I should try to make it work again, please write me. If enough people wants this, I may change my mind. If you want to look at other java development suites, click on the following links:

  • Vibe
  • Visual Age for Java
  • NetBeans Developer



Open Source under the GNU GPL V2 License.