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OS/2 e-Zine is a magazine from various people in the OS/2 community.



It started in November 1995 and was owned by Falcon Networking. A new post would usually come out bi-weekly or in the 16th of every month, but the OS/2 e-Zine's run began to diminish in 2004. The most recent issue was published in December 16th, 2004. The site was controlled by Mensys and now by XEU.

Common Features

The Beta File

This section contains breaking news (propaganda) of OS/2 software. It was removed after the issue in February 2000.

Answers from e-Zine

This section contains tips, tricks, questions and answers for OS/2. It was removed after the issue in May 2000.


This section contains reviews of OS/2 software of the past and present. The article for MIDI Station Sequencer hasn't been posted in October 2000, but it has been reviewed in January 2001.

Art Department

This section contains wallpapers for use in your desktop, first being the eComStation orbit in January 2002.


There are currently 112 issues of OS/2 e-Zine, to read some of them, please go to this link: http://www.os2ezine.com/


December 16, 2004

  • From The Editor: Isaac Leung This month's issue.
  • Enigmail: John Bijnens looks at adding security to Mozilla mail.
  • Keyboard Input from A to Ž - Part 2 corrections: Keith Merrington fixes some codepage glitches from the last article.
  • Case Study: Redeveloping a web site with PPWizard (Part 6): Validation: AL du Pisani concludes his series on using PPWizard to develop web sites.
  • The Art Department: Tim Swank , is back again with some more of his creations.
  • Ask John; John Bijnens answer your OS/2 questions in this ongoing forum.

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