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Since a long time ago, OS/2 users are looking for a "usable" (native) ICQ client. The first one that appeared was ICQ Java, but ICQ Java become obsolete in a little time, since a Java version is not a priority to "those" that bought Mirabilis. Some time later, the very good text-based aICQ (Another ICQ Clone) appeared... It was a viable solution for some time, but it was a little weird to control, and there was some problems that make it crash several times...

When I was just thinking on quit searching, I discovered that Perry Werneck was just creating a new ICQ clone, 100% native OS/2 Application, that works perfectly well, and include some "non-regular" features also.

If you are an OS/2 and ICQ user, this is the program you need. It uses almost no resources and works very well... and is being developed day-by-day... it's an alpha version yet, so you are welcome to send your comments and bug reports also.


At this time, version 0.29b of pwICQ complains with the version 5 of the ICQ protocol... it also includes these features (among others):

  • Basic ICQ message system
  • Urgent ICQ message system
  • Basic URL message system
  • Basic ICQ user modes
  • Authorization Request
  • Re-Connect with selectable timer
  • Hide IP Address
  • Refuse connections from unknown users
  • Away messages
  • Selectable browser to open "URL Messages"
  • Configurable general event sounds
  • Personal sounds (specific "user is online" messages for each user)
  • Enable/Disable sounds for each user mode
  • Auto change user mode on OS/2 lock
  • Definable helper applications
  • ICQ Chat with auto-hide and auto-show (only IRC-like mode at this time). Chat uses protocol v3, unencrypted
  • REXX Scripts on events and on ICQ Chat
  • "Master Options" to be used as template for all new users
  • Selectable translation codepage
  • Complete information section
  • Helpers optional for each user
  • Always accept/resume files optional for each user
  • Ignore messages from a specific user
  • Log messages from a specific user
  • Disable REXX Scripts for a specific user
  • Act always as "Visible" or "Invisible" to a specific user
  • Editable user information
  • Quote message (push F4)
  • File Transfers
  • WebAware feature
  • Add new users
  • Configuration for TitleBar controls
  • Update All Users on main menu
  • Auto-URL Message when an URL is in clipboard
  • Double Click Message for reply-quoted
  • Send buttons on message Window now are message-size sensitive
  • Main log feature
  • "Save Window Positions" feature

In Progress

These are the features being developed at this time (among others):

  • Netscape PlugIn
  • User DataBase backup
  • Bug Fixes
  • New User Search Engine


The software requirements are:

  • OS/2 version 4.0, FixPack 12 and Multimedia support

  • MPTS 8610 (Recommended MPTS 8620)

  • HPFS partition

And, if you want to use DCPLUS 866<->1251 thru DCPLUS You'll need DCPLUS.DLL

The hardware requirments are:

  • 100Mhz 486 with 20 megabytes (RAM)
  • Video must support at least 256 colors
  • Modem or Cable connection

If you had tested it and it worked ok on a system which is "lower" than the said above, please contact me (page author).




  • Dr. Slaughter (creator of most part of the scripts)
  • Lech Wiktor Piotrowski
  • Andrey Demidenko
  • Ricardo Mayrink
  • Henry Dario Rugel
  • Joao Luiz Pereira Junior
  • Teodulfo Pinto Kollar

Special Thanks to:

  • |Shake-Boom|, by send "gently" messages for Perry Werneck, "forcing" him to create an OS/2 ICQ clone able to ignore users.


  • Open Source - GNU GPL V2