Rating for Supported Hardware

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When we try to document supported hardware on OS/2, ArcaOS or eComStation it can be interesting to have a general rating of how the hardware perfors on the plataform.

The general idea will be to have this basic rating for it:

  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Bad

But the raiting may be subjective perception accordind to the person reading it. This is why the following baseline is set:

For Laptops

  • Very Good: ore than the 75% of components works.
  • Good : More than the 50% of components works. (Glass half full)
  • Average: OS/2 can boot but it is unrealiable or less than 50% of the Latop components work.
  • Bad: It means you can not even boot OS/2-ArcaOS-eCS on this machine.