Toshiba 2150CDS CDROM Problems

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Last update: 6th November, 1995



After installation, CDROM unavailable


Toshiba 2150CD series laptop computers (486 DX4-75, built in IDE CDROM, etc)

Toshiba 2150CDS


After installation, the system couldn't recognize the CDROM.


Edit the Config.SYS. Look for the line:

BASEDEV=IBM2TOS1.SYS /s0=2 /c0=15

Change the /c0=15 to /c0=# where # is a free IRQ (11?).


The /C0=# appears to be reserving an IRQ for the PCMCIA driver, therefore, this will only affect you if you've installed PCMCIA support. The default IRQ for the driver on my machine was IRQ 15, the second IDE channel (hence the CDROM). Sense the BASEDEV statements load before the CDROM filters (IBMIDE.FLT) the filter couldn't locate the CDROM.

This problem did not occur in OS/2 Warp Connect.

Don't forget to make a backup of your config.sys! I'm not responsible for system damage or data loss

Chris Martin