3th Annual OS2 World Awards!

Last updated: 8/03/03
The result of the 3rd Annual OS2 World Awards are for each and every category:

Best Commercial Software of the Year:

eComStation v1.1 by Serenity Systems (USA)

on 2nd place:

Virtual PC v5.1 for OS2 by Innotek GmbH (Germany)

and on 3rd place:

SNAP Tools by SciTech Software (USA)

Best Individual Software of the Year:

WarpVision by WarpVisionGUI (Russia)

on 2nd place:

XWorkplace by Ulrich Möller (Germany)

and on 3rd place:

DFSee by Jan van Wijk (Netherlands)

Best JAVA Application of the Year:

Polar Bar e-mail client by Polar Bar Dev Team (USA)

on 2nd place:

XNap by XNap Dev Team (USA)

and on 3rd place:

Zero Toaster MTA by Informationssysteme GmbH (Germany)

Best Site of the Year:

www.OS2eZine.com (USA)

on 2nd place:

en.eComStation.ru (Russia)

and on 3rd place:

en.OS2.org (Germany)

Best Supporting Company of the Year:

Innotek GmbH (Germany)

2nd place:

SciTech Software (USA)

and on 3rd place:

Serenity Systems (USA)

Best Unix Port of the Year:

CDRecord/2, Nick Lepehin (Russia) and Chris Wohlgemuth (Germany)

2nd place:

Project EverBlue, Antony Curtis (UK), Sebastian Wittmeier (Germany) and Brian Smith (USA)

and on 3rd place:

XFree OS/2 v4.3 by Frank Giessler (Germany) and Holger Veit (Germany)

Honor Award for Individuals:

Daniela Engert (Germany) for DANI IDE drivers

2nd place:

Ulrich Möller (Germany) for XWorkPlace

and on 3rd place:

Frank Wochatz for eCS OS/2 Software development


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