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Task: AEFS security improvements

Description: AEFS is an open-source cryptographic filesystem that is available for OS/2. However, it has some weeknesses which the documentation lists under "3.2 Security Problems". In addition, 128 bit encryption is definitely not enough nowadays.The bounty suggest the following improvements:

  • Implementation of a strong encryption algorithm. Usage of this algorithm should be an option to retain usability on slower machines.
  • Add an option to replace the encryption via a user-remembered key by encryption the GPG/PGP way: generate a (cryptographically) strong pseudo-random key to be encrypted by a user-entered pass phrase. That way, only the file containing the encrypted key is vulnerable to a key guessing attack.
Maybe GPG code could be used to implement the above two items.

  • Prevent AEFS data to be written to SWAPPER.DAT.
  • Add a feature to store the encrypted files in a single container file with optional compression like the encryption-enabled version of Zipstream did.

License: GNU GPL V2

WebSite URL:

For more information check the supporting thread within the online forum.

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Submitter: Christian Hennecke


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