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Task: Tuniac Port to OS/2-eComStation

Description: Tuniac is a free, open source (BSD licence) Audio player and management application. Tuniac is a contuniation and amalgamation of several previous works including 'gratisAudio' and 'SuperSonic'. Both of which were test applications for specific functionality (gratisAudio being the media management and SuperSonic being the audio engine) Features:
  • iTunes style media player & manager
  • oE5, an open source MP3 decoder which is a complete rewrite from Sonique 2's aE4.9
  • SVP renderer, which allows the use of Sonique visuals
  • UXTheme support which uses your current Windows theme colours
  • XAudio2 based playback using 32bit floating point precision
  • Supports: ALAC, APE, FLAC, m4a, mp4, 3gp, mp3, mpc, ofr, ofs, ogg, shn, tak, tta, wav, wma [CBR, VBR, PRO, LOSSLESS], wv, CDDA, m3u, pls and radio streaming support
  • Album art embedded in files or as standalone JPEG or PNG
  • ReplayGain support for both Track and Album gain adjustments
  • Tuniac2 was planned to feature an OpenGL interface, SQLlite database and be cross platform

Requirements For Fulfillment:
All major features of Tuniac need to be functioning and in place, as well as the codecs. Another important requirement is that the GUI be as close to the Windows counter-part as possible. Native OS/2 PM GUI is preferred IF it can accomplish the task. I am willing to make concessions if any problems arise so feel free to mention any problems or ask questions.

Going with OS/2's strengths, a strong integration into the WPS would be MOST desireable, replacing Tuniac's UXTHEME support with analogous support for WPS styles and fonts, allowing for drag-and-drop of fonts and colors onto the window and support of Workplace Shell themes.

Also, drag-and-drop support of adding media to the library is a must seeing as this feature is already in place on Windows and would be welcome in OS/2 as well.

Use the HOME variable in the config.sys to store Tuniac's media library (eg: C:\Home\Default\Tuniac\) or the like.

We obviously can't use Xaudio as our output engine, but I assume that can be replaced by DART?

Currently the visualizations use OpenGL but the Sonique .SVP files are quite simple and simply draw RGB shapes off-screen. Perhaps, due to OS/2's lack of OpenGL, we can replace this with SDL support or Cairo support or DIVE, dependent upon which will provide the greater performance for the visualizations?

Output of Title Tokens and track time/position to a named pipe that can be monitored by something like Sysbar/2 would be awesome.

Also, since Tuniac is still in development, I would like to see a build that is at the most two weeks behind the Windows builds. There has been a slew of new features and fixes added and we should be up to date. Once Tuniac1 stops being developed the porter's job is done, and I will post a seperate bounty for TuniacTNG/2.

Thank you.

License: BSD License

WebSite: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tuniac

Tuniac Support Forum: http://www.tuniac.com/forum/

For more information check the supporting thread within the online forum.

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Submitter: Brett Carlock

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