OpenWengo port claimed by none

Task: Port OpenWengo to eComStation

Description: OpenWengo is an open source project, initiated by the French company Wengo. Their goal is to provide a standards-based VoIP platform.

It would seem possible to use this as a SIP / VoIP solution for eComStation, which is currently lacking.

For more information about OpenWengo, please visit the home page of OpenWengo.

Current Bounty: $185 - - Moved to OS2World Common Fund

 Sponsors: Microdrome, Joachim Moritz, Juergen Ulbts, Andreas Ludwig and Steen Bondo

 Submitter: Joachim Benjamins

Closing Date: 2013-06-30

Closing Notes: The Bounty expired and was moved to the OS2World Common Fund