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Are you a developer?

You now have a chance to earn some money for your contributions. Look through the list of open bounties, pick one and solve it to claim your prize.

Keep checking back here for new bounties or updates to sponsorships.

If you do select a task to work on you may want to consider dropping a note to the dev mailing list. If there are others that have selected the same task, at least you will get a chance to coordinate your efforts.

Do you wish to offer sponsorship?

Your contribution will be recognised with a logo and link to your site. We have two versions of sponsorship to choose from:

* Sponsor a bounty by pledging an amount towards a task. Your sponsorship will be visible until the bounty is claimed. Check the table for tasks awaiting sponsorship.

* Become a continuous sponsor by pledging a monthly amount. Your contribution will be distributed amongst various tasks and your logo kept visible for the duration of your sponsorship.

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