OS2World Common Fund - USD $1,785.05

The OS2World Common Fund is focused on trying to support software development on the OS/2 and eComStation platform. It is a money fund where the community can raise enough money so it can be spend later in OS/2-eComStation software development.

The final decision on which OS2-eCS software development the fund will be spent on will be decided by the OS2World board, taking notice of the community needs, feedback,  and the following rules:

How does it works

  • Everybody in the OS/2 community and over the Internet can help to raise money by donating via PayPal.
  • The OS2World staff will request project ideas from the community once enough money had been collected. (hopefully once a year)
  • OS2World will contact developers and interested parties to develop the solution and negotiate the project phases and payment terms.
  • The OS2world board will decide which project or projects to support with the common fund.

The Rules

  • OS2World will only sponsor projects that are open source, free software and/or that the results and code will be public to the OS/2 community, and that derivative works can be created.
  • All code generated with this fund must be without any known intellectual property limitations. Furthermore, it must be submitted under the same license as the application to which it will be applied (for example, GPL for IMP, LGPL).
  • In case of software porting the project licensing should be open source, free software or public domain and the licensing terms most be maintained on the OS/2-eCS port.
  • Payment of the money can only be done to PayPal accounts.


Raised Money: USD $2,785.05

Awarded Money: USD $1,000.00 to Bitwise works for the development of the Qt5 Port.

Current Total: USD $1,785.05

Sponsors: Several OS2World Bounty Sponsors


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