Porting free gnat ADA 2005 compiler on OS/2 claimed by none

Task: This consists in porting the current free version of the GNAT ADA 2005 compiler (GNAT GPL 2007 edition) to the OS/2 platform using the current port of GCC & LIBC. GNAT ADA 95 compiler already exists for OS/2 using the EMX facility but its corresponding GCC is rather old. Of course I initially think of Paul Smedley who does great things in this domain.

Description: AdaCore is dedicated to developing the finest tools available for software development with Ada. The GNAT GPL Edition is the Ada 2005 development environment for Free Software development and the GNAT Academic Program for use in Academia. GNAT Pro for comercial/industrial development.

The GNAT GPL Edition consists of the following technologies:

  • The GNAT Ada 2005 compilation system
  • Various tools such as heap monitoring, unit testing, program browsing, etc.
  • Ada 2005 and GNAT libraries (Containers, pattern matching, sorting, etc.)
  • The GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) visual IDE

For more information check the supporting thread within the online forum or Libre home page.
Current Bounty: $50 - Moved to OS2World Common Fund

Sponsors: François Claude

Submitter: François Claude

Closing Date: 2013-06-30

Closing Notes: The Bounty expired and was moved to the OS2World Common Fund

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