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Task: Port TerraIM to OS2-eCS

TerraIM (a very light-weight but feature rich IM client) is back under very active development after about 2 years hiatus. It uses wxWidgets (of which there is an OS/2 build of the proper level) and nothing else. It can be compiled under GCC, Borlan, or other C++ compilers. I tried my hand at setting up the sources and building with OpenWatcom but I really had no idea what I was doing, so needless to say, it failed, and failed hard.

Some Features to Note:
  • No need to install, settings can be stored in an .ini
  • File Transfer
  • Buddy-list Management
  • Tabbed IM Windows
  • Rich-text
  • IM Logs
  • Small! (About 1.2mb)
  • Skinnable!
  • Remote Control Interface
Requirements for Fulfillment: Integration with the Systray API and eCenter plugin so that TerraIM can be minimized to the tray, etc. Also, a seperate eCenter/xCenter widget would not be amiss if you feel up to the task [so that those who do not use systray widget can have the same features].

Notes: Output of events like IM recieved or sign on/off/away/back events to a named pipe would be sick so that you could use a pipe monitor like Sysbar/2 to view the TerraIM events.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
TerraIM: http://terraim.sourceforge.net/
For more information check the supporting thread within the online forum.

Current Bounty: $0

Claimed by: Nobody. Bounty closed on request by initial submitter and sponsor.

Sponsors: Brett Carlock

Submitter: Brett Carlock

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