ZGV picture viewer claimed by Paul Smedley

Task: Port zgv 5.9 picture viewer to OS/2

Description: zgv is a picture viewer with thumbnail-based file selector, for the Linux and FreeBSD console (it uses svgalib). It's pretty featureful, and is proably the best svga-based viewer. (It can also be buildt to use SDL if you prefer).

zgv supports most popular formats, and allows panning and fit-to-screen methods of viewing, slideshows, scaling, gamma adjustment, etc.

It's a very good image-viewing add-on for text browsers like Lynx and Links (both have already been ported to OS/2).

For more information check the supporting thread within the online forum or the ZGV home page.

Bounty: $200

Claimed by: Paul Smedley

Sponsors: OS2 User Group Sweden, Richard Steiner

Submitter: Richard Steiner

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