Port of LyX 1.3 claimed by Paul Smedley

Task: Port of LyX 1.3

Description: LyX is an easy-to-use WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) GUI front-end for LaTeX. The latest available port of LyX to OS/2 is 1.1.3 and it requires XFree86/OS2 to run.

With the port of Qt to native PM that was demonstrated at Warpstock Europe in Dresden, it should be possible to create a PM version of LyX. Other software that LyX relies on is Image Magick, a port of which Paul Smedley is reported to work on.

For more information check the supporting thread within the online forum or the home page for LyX.

Bounty: $205

Claimed by: Paul Smedley

Sponsors: Tapio Angervuori, Carmine Clemente, Helmut Burgbacher, Rainer-Detlef Stroebel, OS2 User Group Sweden, Christian Hennecke, Thorsten Leize, Bela-Andreas Bargel and Antonio Angel Serrano de la Torre.

Submitter: Christian Hennecke

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