Driver for nForce built-in NICs claimed by nickk

Task: Driver for NVIDIA nForce built-in NICs

Description: This driver is very much needed because there are a lot of motherboards based on the nVidia chipset, and there are no drivers for the on-board network interface. Genmac author said that the approach he uses to adapt windows drivers cannot be uased for this kind of driver. Also he tried to build some kind of wrapper for the linux driver without success. The only possibility is to do a real port of the driver.

For more information check the supporting thread within the online forum and the home page of forcedeth .

Current Bounty: $220

Sponsors: Fritz Hodel, Mark Henigan, R├╝diger Ihle, Arnstein Prytz, Julian Olson, Gabriele Leonardo Gamba, Paul Smedley & Cristiano Guadagnino

Submitter: Cristiano Guadagnino

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