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Task: Maul XHTML import handler/plugin

Description: Maul Desktop Publisher offers a plug-in interface for so-called handlers. These handlers can also be used to mplement filters to transparently import from and export to other file formats. The XHTML import handler would eed to be able to read a standard XHTML file and convert tags like headers, paragraphs, bold, etc. to the ative Maul file format.

Moreover, it would need to offer a possibility to convert CSS classes included in the XHTML file by applying aul stylesheets to the marked text. To achieve that, a mechanism to define associations would have to be mplemented, e.g., by using a dialog that connects CSS class names on one side to Maul stylesheets on the ther. With such a handler, nicely laid out versions of, e.g., the VOICE Newsletter could be much more easily reated.

Note that this does NOT mean that the handler would have to process the CSS stylesheet for the XHTML file! The only thing that is required is finding text that is marked with a "class" or "id" attribute and apply a corresponding Maul stylesheet.

For more information about the Maul, please then visit the home page of Manglais

Current Bounty: $100 - Moved to OS2World Common Fund

Sponsors: OS2 User Group Sweden and Thomas Klein

Submitter: Christian Hennecke

Closing Date: 2013-06-30

Closing Notes: The Bounty expired and was moved to the OS2World Common Fund


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