Interface InnoTek's font-engine claimed by Herwig Bauernfeind

Task: Interface InnoTek's font-engine


Description: Right now, in order to add a program to use InnoTek's font-engine a user has to run regedit2 and add its EXE name to the proper key within the win32 registry. It isn't hard to do, but IMO it would be nice to have a simple PM application that would allow for browsing the system, selecting a program/exe file, click on a test button, which would automatically add the proper key into the registry, then call-up the program so it can be run/verified that it is operating properly enabled to use the font-engine. If it didn't run properly (font distortion, graphic artifacts left on screen, etc) you'd click a undo or remove button and the key would then be removed from the registry.


For more information check the supporting thread within the online forum and the home page of Innotek.

Current Bounty: $100

Sponsors: OS2 User Group Sweden

Submitter: Gregory L. Marx


Closing Notes: Herwig Bauernfeind claimed this bounty

The binaries are available at:
The source code is available at:
Released under the LGPL license.



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