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The Rules

The Rules 2.0

To successfully claim your prize you need to follow a few rules:

1. All code submitted for a bounty must be without any known intellectual property limitations. Furthermore, it must be submitted under the same license as the application to which it will be applied (for example, GPL for IMP, LGPL).

2. The application and/or code must be accepted and committed into the OS/2 community before any prize will be awarded.

3. The application and/or code must work and work elegantly (i.e., no hack jobs).

4. In the case of multiple submissions for a single bounty, the judging panel will select and award the highest quality one.

5. Group submissions must designate a lead person who will submit the claim on behalf of the group.

6. All bounty awards or rejections are at the sole discretion of the judging panel. We may refuse to award a bounty to anyone for any reason at any time (although there will certainly be a valid reason, since it is in everyone's interest for the bounty process to work smoothly).

Once you have submitted your application and/or code and it has been accepted by the OS2 community. Prizes will be paid out using Paypal.


About Claiming the Prize:

  1. The Prize had to be claimed by the person or leader (if it is a group) using the "Claim Bounty Form" at the Site.
  2. Payment of the bounty prize can only be done to PayPal accounts.
  3. Once the form had been submited, the bounty administrator will post on the bounty forum thread the claim notice. It will say which person is claiming the prize and the URL of the project where the binary and source code is available for the public.
  4. It will give two weeks for the bounty sponsors and the community to discuss if the prize should be claimed.
  5. After the two weeks, if there is no oposition, will start the process of transfering the money to the prize winner.

Once you have submitted your application and/or code and it has been accepted by the OS2 community, use this form to claim the bounty prize. Prizes will be paid out using Paypal.

About old bounties:

  1. Once a year there will be a bounty cleanup. The bounty administrator will ask by email to the bounty sponsors if the want to keep their bounty money on the same bounty, or if they want to transfer it to another one.
  2. If the bounty sponsor does not response their wish to maintain the money on the old bounty or transfer it. after a month of not getting the response can transfer the money to another bounty. OS2World will notify on the bounty forum thread before doing the transfer for discussion, after two weeks it will be transferred.

About Un-sponsored bounties.

  1.     If there is a bounty suggestion that haven't get any sponsor after a year it will be deleted from the list.

Submiting a Bounty Suggestion.

  1. Bounty submitters need to state explicit and unambiguous requirements for the bounty request. The goal of the software port/development should be specified. "

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