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Subject  :  VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
Author  :  Terry tgindy@yahoo.com
Date  :  14 Sep, 2006 on 02:49
Is anyone still using VNC (Virtual Network Computing)? I noticed there is a 2004 version at Hobbes.

Subject  :  Re:VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
Author  :  davidfor
Date  :  14 Sep, 2006 on 04:21
I have it installed on one of my home servers. I do not use it much since getting a cheap KVM late last year. When I was using it, it worked well.

The version I have is from <http://eros2.by.ru/pmvnc_en.shtml>.


Subject  :  Re:VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
Author  :  Fahrvenugen
Date  :  14 Sep, 2006 on 06:25
I use it on my server. Be cautious though - with a straight install VNC has almost *no security*. True, there is an option to set a password to use upon login, but it is very weak (if I recall correctly, the password is even sent in the clear over the 'net). If you're using it on a local (home) network and don't open any VNC ports to the outside world, then that's one thing. But if you're going to use it across the internet, definitely set it up to route all its traffic through SSH, and set up security in SSH. You'll then have to log in through SSH and then kick in your VNC client when you want to access your VNC server, but it is worthwhile to have some level of security. Otherwise it is like leaving a front door wide open with a sign on it saying "Come on in and do what you like".

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