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Subject  :  KeyRing Mini installation inquiry
Author  :  zircon
Date  :  06 Nov, 2006 on 00:01
Someone on os2.jp had problems installing KeyRing Mini. Apparently the icons were not created in the new desktop\applications\keyring mini folder. I've been trying to replicate the problem in order to debug it, but without success.

If anyone has had problems trying to install it using the WarpIn package, would you please let me know at what point the trouble occurred and what versions of OS/2, Rexx and WarpIn you used.


Subject  :  Re:KeyRing Mini installation inquiry
Author  :  zircon
Date  :  09 Nov, 2006 on 01:16
The installation error was apparently caused by the use of WarpIn 1.0.11, which was known to have problems.

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