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Subject  :  HomePage publisher
Author  :  Trident
Date  :  15 Nov, 2006 on 16:15
another question....
I'm still using HPP for web pages...but noticed that
1. not all wave files seem to play in the browser and
2. HPP only reconizes .wav files...
3. Is there a more up to date web page program.
I can't even use the one from the hosting site because it needs (ms ie)
for full use.
I would like to use mp3 files in the web pages if possible...
and why are not all .wav files the same...
web site is

Subject  :  Re:HomePage publisher
Author  :  Blonde Guy
Date  :  15 Nov, 2006 on 16:41
Try Kompozer, get it here: <http://weilbacher.org/Mozilla/builds.html>

That said, playing wav or mp3 or ogg is not guaranteed. You don't even know if your user has sound.

For me, I will play mp3 by using Z as a helper app.

If you can't process some WAV files, then I'm sure there are users out there with the same problem. I had a similar problem, too, but changing the audio driver fixed it.

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Subject  :  Re:HomePage publisher
Author  :  melf mikaelelf@os2ug.se
Date  :  15 Nov, 2006 on 16:52
Well, I delete my message. We wrote an answer at the same time, but you were first .

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