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Subject  :  Should I upgrade my 16bit tcpip to 32bit?
Author  :  Steve blevins@sisna.com
Date  :  27 Nov, 2006 on 02:40
As noted in thread below, I'm running W4 FP15, stand alone except for the Internet. My tcpip is 4.00e. I have the scsi scanner and USB printer and now FF2 and T-bird working fine. Are there good reasons to take the long, arduous and hazardous route of upgrading?

Probably the simplest solution would be to buy eCS, which I'm sure I will have to do eventually, but I have my OS so lean and does everything I need so efficiently, I would rather struggle with the upgrade than break in a new os. Steve

Subject  :  Re:Should I upgrade my 16bit tcpip to 32bit?
Author  :  zman zirkle@wizard.net
Date  :  27 Nov, 2006 on 03:00
you should up grade your tcpip. i find the os/2 maintainance tool very useful. the link is: http://www.os2mt.tk

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