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Subject  :  Latest utorrent and os/2?
Author  :  JLKT
Date  :  01 Dec, 2006 on 15:10
Hi. I read that it is possible to run utorrent 1.17 in os/2. Anyone tried to run utorrent 1.6 in os/2? If not, can we use azureus? otherwise, what would be the bittorrent apps (apart from torpak and ctorrent)?

Subject  :  Re:Latest utorrent and os/2?
Author  :  Ben Dragon
Date  :  01 Dec, 2006 on 15:36
I don't know about uTorrent. Though I've heard rumours about it working, I haven't seen a way to do it, though I haven't looked all that hard and I haven't tried to make it work myself.

"Why not?" you might ask?

Well, for me, TorPak/2 and/or Alex Taylor's Python based Torrent package work just fine. I use one on one machine and the other on another.

Both packages can be found on Hobbes

I hope this helps...


Subject  :  Re:Latest utorrent and os/2?
Author  :  JLKT
Date  :  03 Dec, 2006 on 01:13
What I like about utorrent is that the executable is only 170kB in size and it is fully GUI control. Very nice. Torpak and ctorrent are both commandline apps which are not so user friendly.

I don't have odin installed at the moment as my os2 box is a production system (forbid to experiment at the moment). Anyone has odin installed and can try to see if utorrent v1.6 is working?

Thanks a bunch.

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