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Subject  :  OS/2 Warp 4 Program List?
Author  :  Angel
Date  :  12 Dec, 2006 on 18:13
Is there a way to generate a list of installed programs without having to install any additional programs?

P.S. - I am brand spanking new to this OS and forum, so please take it easy on me. Thanks!

Subject  :  Re:OS/2 Warp 4 Program List?
Author  :  abwillis abwillis1@gmail.com
Date  :  12 Dec, 2006 on 19:30
In the sense that you probably want, no. You can do a dir /s >programs or maybe dir /ad /s >programs (either of these will probably give you much more than you want). Many programs on OS/2 are not strictly "installed", they are just unzipped. There are a few installers like Warpin that keeps a database of installed programs but many user's balk at using them preferring to unzip and go. Some programs have their own installers and may or may not register themselves in OS2.ini. There is no central repository of all installed apps as such.

Subject  :  Re:OS/2 Warp 4 Program List?
Author  :  icebear
Date  :  13 Dec, 2006 on 01:39
Type MIGRATE on Command Line and
you get a Selection Pop-Up as shown in the attachment !

Well, it displays only on screen !!

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