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Subject  :  Martin's Server Suit /update/fix
Author  :  Saxius
Date  :  01 Jan, 2007 on 21:20
snug: I'v released a new version of MSS... go head spread it to the OS/2 world
snug: http://xelectrox.homeip.net/files/MSS.zip

SS is an abbreviation for Martin's Server Suit which currently consist of Yet Another FTP Server and Snug HTTP server. Yet Another FTP Server will be called YAFS from now on. Although YAFS and Snug HTTP server can be used independent of each other, they function very well together to run and maintain a small web site. MSS is a way of distribute them both in a single package. MSS and its components was designed to run on old operating system as well as on more recent releases. MSS can bring your old hardware and software back to life again!

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