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Subject  :  Question about dissappearing Shortcut icon with xWP...
Author  :  RobertM
Date  :  01 Aug, 2006 on 02:49

I've noticed on 2 of my machines, that xWP often doesnt display the "Shortcut" icon overlay on shadow objects. Sometimes in folders, it will display it if the object is opened when I open the folder (with no apparent difference), but for all my desktop objects and other folder objects, shadow icons are not drawn with the shortcut icon (or rarely - ie: 1 might have the shortcut icon overlayed, but the other 10 will not).

I have "Replace icons" enabled, as well as "Draw shortcut icons" enabled.

Anyone have any suggestions?

The machine is running WSeB 4.52 CP2 PF and xWP 1.0.5 (was previously running xWP 1.0.4 with the same results).


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