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Subject  :  PB COM1
Author  :  DUMONTL ldumont@portdedunkerque.fr
Date  :  25 Nov, 2003 on 11:42
I have installed the trial version of Virtual PC on Windows XP. My virtual PC was built with OS2warp4 and XTELV6.1 (a Schneider programme).

I use the serial port COM1 to exchange programmes with API's.

When the OSE application is loading a (OS2 ->Com1) everything goes fine.

However, when The OS2 application receives data through the COM 1, the transfer is interrupted on an random basis by los of the connection/liaison. (Virtual PC set the COM 1 free or XP recaptures the port ?)

Would you please kindly tell me the procedure how to solve this issue ?

Many thanks in advance.


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