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Subject  :  Netgear wireless
Author  :  Trident
Date  :  09 Aug, 2004 on 16:38
I see on the os2 wireless support page that the netgear MA311 is
suppose to work on os2, using the IBMprism.exe driver..
Is anyone using this setup and what have your results been..
I have the wireless card, and the driver...
Could always put it in a Linux or windoz box

Subject  :  Re:Netgear wireless
Author  :  Trident
Date  :  09 Aug, 2004 on 21:58
ok all this is all about the Netgear MA311...
I just intalled it on my desktop.. instealled the "ibmprism.exe" divers
(ibm choice, or eCS)..
execute the file in an empty folder, do a ddinstall..
do the wifi.cmd
go to the adapter setting pages, find the ibm minipci. Add that ,
the OS/2 netbios and tcpip...
Don't forget to set the tcpip lan to DHCP
works fine on my home built computer...

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