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Subject  :  SIP phone java software (voipbuster)
Author  :  ChrisR roossien@gmail.com
Date  :  10 Apr, 2007 on 16:04
This site is interesting ; https://sip-communicator.dev.java.net/
It runs under eCS (OS2) with java 1.4.2.
And voipbuster works somehow.
Still the program is far from finished yet, it does login on a voipbuster account and it can call, but no voice (yet)
The SIP-codec(s) are not there yet it seems.
Anyway, its open source and lets hope they don't go to java 1.5 or higher

If you want to test it what it can do now, then get the latest build here;

And you need a voipbuster account, unfortunately this can only be done in wonXP untill now, so you need at least one time a winXP machine.
Download, install and run voipbuster; http://www.voipbuster.com/en/index.html

And get an account .. remember your login name and passport.. of course

Now run the downloaded sip-communicator, make sure you are in Java 1.4.x
just type java -jar sip-communicator-1.0-alpha2-nightly.build.623.jar
(or whatever build number you have)
This installs the sip communicator.
Then open the file run.sh in the installed directory, it needs some editing.
The : in the -cp path have to be changed into ;
Change all in some editor can do this, but be aware!!! the last : is not part of the -cp and don't change that one...
And of course &HOME and &JAVA_HOME have to be changed in %HOME% and %JAVA_HOME%

now it looks like this more or less ;

md %HOME%\.sip-communicator
md %HOME%\.sip-communicator\log
%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -classpath "lib\jdic-all.jar;lib\jdic_stub.jar;lib\felix.jar;lib\kxml-min.jar;lib\servicebinder.jar;lib\bundle\org.apache.felix.servicebinder-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar;sc-bundles\util.jar" -Dicq.custom.message.charset=windows-1251 -Dfelix.config.properties=file:.\lib\felix.client.run.properties -Djava.util.logging.config.file=lib\logging.properties org.apache.felix.main.Main

Save it now as run.cmd, and then just run it.. type run
Be sure your JAVA_HOME is set correctly ..
Now it ask you to create a profile.
Select SIP protocol.
Enter your voipbuster name like this; <yourname>@sip.voipbuster.com
And then your voipbuster passport....
And now you can make phone rings all over the world.. but no talking yet....
And communicate with other voipbuster users... somehow...

Of course buying a SIP ATA (hardware) and connect a normal phone to it is another option.. for about 50-60 euro you get a SIP ATA..

Putting 10 euro in voipbuster will give you 5 hours of free calls every week for 120 days to most countries.

I don't think there is a cheaper way of calling .. (yet)

Just be patient and see where this program is going to.. when it does finish would be great !!!

Chris Roossien

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