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Subject  :  Remember AGI games
Author  :  Skunkweed
Date  :  06 Jul, 2003 on 04:07
Hi all,

If anyone out there is old enough to remember Sierra's old Quest games (Kings Quest, Space Quest etc...) the source code for AGI studio (AGI being Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter) is available and is written in Delphi. AGI Studio is a development system for AGI games. AGI games have once again become very popular (despite the low res EGA graphics and limited sound). If any one knows how to program in Virtual Pascal, we, the OS/2 community, could have an adventure game development system of our own. We still need the AGI interpreter (which runs under dos) but if some out there know how to program, likes the old Sierra AGI games, and would like to develop not only AGI studio, but a native AGI interpreter, I think the OS/2 gaming community would be one step better off.


Subject  :  Re:Remember AGI games
Author  :  BigWarpGuy
Date  :  28 Oct, 2003 on 17:26
Isn't there a 'free pascal'? Could it be used with it?
with a version for OS/2 (latest date of 07-11-2003).
http://www.freepascal.org/ home page
http://www.freepascal.org/sdown.html download page
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Subject  :  Re:Remember AGI games
Author  :  Skunkweed
Date  :  29 Oct, 2003 on 12:03
Hey I can't believe I got a reply to this thread!?

I guess any version of Pascal that can compile delphi should do. Virtual Pascal (VP/2) is free anyway.


Subject  :  Re:Remember AGI games
Author  :  prokushev
Date  :  30 Oct, 2003 on 13:30
Not exactly. Depended on Delphi version. Most powerfull and supports latest Delphi feature is development version of FPC.

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