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Subject  :  Red Alert
Author  :  craigm craigm@bluenexus.net
Date  :  15 Sep, 2003 on 17:48
I just got the Command and Conquer game (the first one), it runs in DOS and from what I have read it works fine in ECS. I have a problem though. The CD sees the CD...I can see all the files...and even move the CD's files to the HD...but when I try and install the game it says It cant find the CD...I had this with one other DOS game. All other games work fine via the CD...any ideas?

Subject  :  Re:Red Alert
Author  :  Shadallark
Date  :  09 Oct, 2003 on 20:11
Can you install from the location where you copied the files to on your hard drive? I know that I was able to do this with Avarice so that I did not have to put the CD into the computer to play the game.


running eCS v1.03 on an IBM Aptiva
assiting in the porting of OpenOffice.org to eCS

Subject  :  Re:Red Alert
Author  :  nova_d
Date  :  11 Oct, 2003 on 11:14

I don't remember exatly how to play RA under OS2 but I think you have to go to the directory where the EXE file is and then type :

ra.exe -cd x:

where ra.exe is the file for the dos version (I'm not sure for the name) and x: your CD-ROM drive.

If it doesn't work write back and I'll check exactly how it goes.

Good luck.

Subject  :  Re: Somewhat stupid subject here !!!
Author  :  icebear
Date  :  11 Oct, 2003 on 15:59
I believe your *Red Alert* only in the subject may confuse some people ...
... sounds somewhat dangerous !?

Checking the contents shows that is aout a game ;-(

Absolutely not high alert nor *Red Alert* ;-((

Subject  :  Re:Red Alert
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  12 Oct, 2003 on 00:55
Well, then again it's posted within the Index / OS/2 - General / Games section in the forum. This might not show up on the main index page; adding this to the subjects would just take up too much space.


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