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Subject  :  InfoCom Games and OS/2?
Author  :  BigWarpGuy
Date  :  02 Feb, 2004 on 15:02
" http://www.latz.org/infocom/index.shtml#ZIP


* If you browse through the information available on this site, you will find interpreters for systems such as Linux, OS/2, BeOS, WinCE and Psion.

http://infodoc.plover.net/nzt/ "

I found this on an eBookMan group. There is reference to an interpretor for OS/2. Does anyone know more about it?

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Subject  :  Re:InfoCom Games and OS/2?
Author  :  zoron
Date  :  02 Feb, 2004 on 18:40
Not sure what the question is but infocom produced a lot of text mode adventure games in the 70's or 80's. Titles such as zork, sorceror and hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

The games were packaged in a format known as zip not to be confused with zip compression.

To play the games you needed a program/emulator which were/are available for many systems including os/2. There are versions on hobbes, frotz201_std02_os2b7.zip is one.

There are many of these games still around plus some new ones. Most are annoying or challenging depending on your state of mind.

Scott Adams (not the dilbert guy) has a site of these games if you are interested.

I found it fascinating to see the types of games people were playing 20 years ago.

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