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Subject  :  missing rules - can you help?
Author  :  white queen
Date  :  17 Feb, 2004 on 19:04
I've bought a copy of "Virus" board game by Blue Zebra games (from Belgium, I think). It's in perfect condition, except that the rules/instructions are missing!
If anyone could help with a copy of the rules, I'd be much obliged.

White Queen

Subject  :  Re:missing rules - can you help?
Author  :  kingy
Date  :  14 Apr, 2004 on 19:18
I've got that game to and have also lost the rules but as I can gather if one of ur viruses take one of ur oppenants then It becomes one of urs on its respective space in your area. Also any other viruses that were inline contact i.e. next box is also infected and any others they are connected, and so on and so forth.


Jason King

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