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Subject  :  OpenTTD problems under OS/2
Author  :  Martin
Date  :  22 May, 2005 on 18:57

Does anybody experienced problems running OpenTTD for OS/2 ?
I'm currently trying to test it, but when I run it a little window shows up really fast and dissapear without any message. It just don't Load.

I had include the SDL libraries on it and the Transport Tyccon original files that are needed on the data directory.

- is there a special way to make it run like a needed parameters when running the exe file?
- Is there any file where the I can see a log of what failed?
- Did I miss some component requiered to make it work ?

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

Subject  :  Re:OpenTTD problems under OS/2
Author  :  orudge
Date  :  24 May, 2005 on 17:25
What version of SDL are you using? SDL-20050330 does not work with OpenTTD for reasons currently known (I'm looking into it), you must use SDL 20041222. Make sure your version of FSLib matches, too.

If you want to create a log file of events, start OpenTTD from the command prompt with this command line:

openttd -d 9 > stdout.txt 2> stderr.txt

Then post the contents of both files here (one of them will possibly be empty, usually stdout.txt).

Also, I assume you have the game data stored to the data directory (trg1r.grf, trgcr.grf, trghr.grf, trgir.grf, trgtr.grf, sample.cat), and not any other directory?

Hope this helps, please let me know how you get on.

Owen Rudge
http://www.owenrudge.net/ | The Transport Tycoon Forums

Subject  :  Re:OpenTTD problems under OS/2
Author  :  Martin
Date  :  25 May, 2005 on 04:50
Hi Owen

Thanks for the information, It don't even cross my mind that it can be that I was using a newer version of SDL.dll

I downloaded the "os2-usefull.zip" file and with the SDL.dll and FsLIB.dll that came on that file it started to work.

Strangely with the newer version of SDL.lib abd FSLIB.dll the "openttd -d 9 > stdout.txt 2> stderr.txt" command gave me two empty files.

Thanks !!! I'm playing right now.

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