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Subject  :  Abandonware ?!
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  15 May, 2002 on 22:48
Well, here is something that might help out the OS2 gamers. I've never heard about abandonware or is just me?

Hi, if you want almost any old game, just go to google and search for the name and "abandonware"

see http://www.flashback-aw.net/red_baron.php

Kim Haverblad
OS/2 World.Com

Subject  :  Re:Abandonware ?!
Author  :  Martin
Date  :  26 May, 2002 on 23:20
well... abandonware are communly old games that their authors didn't care about it anymore but it copyrights had never been changed,.... but the authors communly dont care if you distribute them, its illegal but there is no money involved, so no one care.

or they are still charging for "Alley Cat" or "Prince" ??
well, thats sometimes what happend to old arcare ROMs for MAME for example. Its illegal to distruite them, but they authors do not fight back because its a product so old that can not be sold again.


Subject  :  Re:Abandonware ?!
Author  :  schere
Date  :  27 Jun, 2003 on 21:16
abandonware for all plattforms are in the internet, but for os/2-ecs nothing.. so its nice to play the good old games for dos sometimes, but i dont understand, why authors are against them. they sold the games and they got money. so i would enjoy if people playing my games in some years.. also its a good promotion, i think.

mostly there is no support for it, or i never can buy an real os2game like galactic civ. i turned later to os2 and so i had no chance to buy this. also there is no chance for me to see/feel something like that, but os2/ecs is not for gaming.. i know

Subject  :  Re:Abandonware ?!
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  28 Jun, 2003 on 21:24
Well, think that Martin has manage to collect together a good collection of old games for OS2. And there are couple of other great sites that collect on old DOS and Win 16-bt games as well.

Martin's OS2 Games Site can be found at following url:



Subject  :  Re:Abandonware ?!
Author  :  BigWarpGuy
Date  :  30 Jun, 2003 on 16:28

Here are some games for OS/2.

They aslo have a variety of software for OS/2.

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