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Subject  :  Copyright, but for how long?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  24 May, 2002 on 03:57
What happends.....

if an author behind a software can't be located or even worse is no longer present , or

if the company can't be located since it doesn't exist anymore

how does this affect the copyrights of software or any other technical ealier protected material?


Subject  :  Re:Copyright, but for how long?
Author  :  Martin
Date  :  26 May, 2002 on 23:05
Im not a copyright expert, but that is a problem.

When I author can't be located the software just keep the same license that the author leave on it. When it belongs to an company I think we can contact the legal representative of it to try to open source it.

Im trying hard to get the authors of OS/2 games to turn it open source. I had tried email them, but some emails are old and dont work. I had also searched the names authors with copernic and get good response from it. And the last thing I had tried is to send postcards to the ones that had an mail address on the readmes, with not very good respose yet.

...but what about the good software that I will never found the authors ? Thats sad, posible they will remain as $5 shareware (that you can not pay because you can not find the author) forever.


Subject  :  Re:Copyright, but for how long?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  26 May, 2002 on 23:14
Okey, I follow what You say - but what if the company doesn't extist anymore or the author of a software is dead? What then? Could it then be consider at public domain?


Subject  :  Re:Copyright, but for how long?
Author  :  dlundh dlundh@home.se
Date  :  25 Feb, 2003 on 14:44
From what information I have available the copyright stays in effect for 17 years and then lapse if noone claims the copyright again. So if we patiently wait out all the vendors who went bellyup we soon start using their OS/2 software.

Subject  :  Re:Copyright, but for how long?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  25 Feb, 2003 on 15:25
Eh, lets hope that IBM won't claim the copyright again.... Well, it would be nice if IBM could open source the core source that other companies doesn't have any copyrights to. Open source the entire products is mission impossible even for IBM. But, hey, they must have writen some code themself, I hope, that could be open sourced in some way.


Subject  :  Re:Copyright, but for how long?
Author  :  cssw cssw@voicenet.com
Date  :  26 Feb, 2003 on 18:37
many of the 17 years stuff on copyright stuff,
I believe has been changed to something like 100-200 years
thanks to disney and hollywood

another changing the rules in mid stream

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